What would movie week be without a few new ways to make your own moving images? Thanks to new apps like Cycloramic and Vine, it is insanely easy to become a hack cinematographer – all you need is your phone!

First up is the newest kid on the social media block: Vine.

Quickly revolutionizing the way folks make and share images, Vine lets you record and cut your own video with a maximum length of 6 seconds. Results are similar to animated GIFs or stop-motion animations, and have a playful, whimsical feeling. Populate your Vine feed with your friends from Twitter, and you’ve got Instagram for 6-second videos!

Since we happened to have a few plastic dinosaurs and Sriracha laying around the office, we couldn’t resist creating our own little stop-motion story. Be sure to follow Brit on Vine (@brit) for lots of behind the scenes action from Brit HQ, and, of course, tons of Pixel videos ;)

Second, we’ve got Cycloramic.

This app lets you shoot 360 degree video hands-free! Simply set your phone to vibrate and the app “rings” in a strategic way, automatically turning your phone while recording. You’ve gotta use an insanely smooth surface – we ran into problems with our wooden table and granite countertop. Our glass desks definitely gave us the best results.

As you can see, this is basically your panoramic camera feature on steroids. Simply set down the phone, cue up Cycloramic, and let ‘er rip.

The video option is also cool in that it gives you a more dynamic 360, with movement, sound, and more.

All in all, making videos is definitely getting a lot easier and more fun thanks to these and more new apps. We still have a soft spot for Cinemagram and Frameographer, and can’t wait to see what new apps pop up over the next year.

Have you used Vine or Cycloramic? What are your favorite video-making mobile apps? Talk to us in the comments below. And be sure to share your Vines with us by tagging @brit on Twitter!