After months of bare-legged, sunny days, it鈥檚 easy to feel like you鈥檝e forgotten how to dress for more varied (read: crazy and unpredictable) weather. We鈥檝e put together a quick refresher course in seasonal dressing to get you back in the swing of the things. Pants are easy as pie 鈥 throw 鈥檈m on and you鈥檙e ready to hit the streets running. Dresses and skirts? Those are a whole 鈥榥other story. If last season did some major damage to your layering essentials and you鈥檙e wondering what to wear with some of this season鈥檚 must-have pieces, never fear. These skirt-and-tights pairings will take you through next spring in style.


1. Mango Jacquard Skirt ($60) + The Limited Opaque Tights in Garnet Red ($14): Why limit yourself to black, navy and gray when there are so many other hues to be had? We love the idea of pairing a favorite mini with tights that play up the skirt鈥檚 understated burgundy hues.


2. Zara Suede Skirt ($70) + Gipsy Mock Ribbed Over-the-Knee Tights ($14): Suede has been making serious waves since it debuted on the spring/summer runways this past year. Fall is really where this soft, supple fabric shines, with the rich earth tones pairing perfectly with the changing foliage, a warm, chunky knit and ribbed over-the-knee tights that revel in the skirt鈥檚 undeniable 鈥70s vibe.


3. H&M Embroidered Skirt ($60) + The Limited Opaque Tights in Golden Yellow ($14): With days getting shorter, rocking bright colors is key for keeping a little spring in your step. An embroidered bottom has a folksy feel that鈥檚 big this season so you stay on-trend, while golden rod tights will banish those gray day (and Monday) blues for good.


4. Zara Leather Skirt ($130) + ASOS Leopard Tights with Support Detail ($7): A sleek leather skirt calls for something a little more interesting than your standard pair of black sheers. Whether you鈥檙e stepping out in a flowy bow-tie blouse or a classic turtleneck, emphasize this number鈥檚 rocker edge with a pair of exotic leopard print stockings.


5. Mango Leather Skirt ($80) + Hue Super Fishnet Tights ($15): Transition that on-trend button-front A-line to the new season with a saucy pair of fishnets that will add a bit of sassiness your fave throwback piece.


6. ASOS A-Line Skirt in Scuba ($35) + Pretty Polly Sheer Diamond Tights ($25): Funky geometric prints and psychedelic patterns are looking to give flirty fall florals a run for their money, and we鈥檙e totally cool with that. Usher in autumn by applying your newfound mixed print pairing skills to a bold geo skirt and layering a pair of diamond nylons on those killer gams.


7. Nasty Gal Easy Rider Leather Skirt ($100) + Hue聽Ultra Sheer Back Seam Tights Hosiery ($10): Sometimes less is more. With this leather number boasting both ivory beading and fringe, we鈥檙e leaning towards understated accessories to let the embellished bottom take center stage.


8. Tory Burch Plaid Side-Pocket Skirt ($250) + Nordstrom Sheer Dot Control-Top Panty Hose ($11): There鈥檚 a great debate about nude sheers, but there鈥檚 no denying that they鈥檙e a classic. When you鈥檙e stepping out in a ladylike check number like this Tory Burch mini, they just make sense. Take yours to the next level with playful polka dots and put those silly sheer deliberations to rest.


9. J.Crew Flutter Mini Skirt in Vintage Scarf Print ($118) + American Apparel Sheer Luxe Pantyhose ($20): Bright blue is one of those hues that works all year round. Worn with icy gray tights, it鈥檚 perfect for fall and winter, but styled over bare, sun-kissed legs with a cropped tank top and flatform sandals, it鈥檚 ready for sunshine and sand.

What fall staple are you most excited to bust out? Tell us in the comments!