Sure, we like our sweets as much as or possibly more than the next gal, but when we heard about Crest’s latest trick to get us to keep those pearly whites sparkling, our mouths were not exactly watering.

Crest announced the latest flavors in its new “Be” line of toothpaste: Lime Spearmint Zest (wait, lime? Um, okay, I guess that kinda makes sense.) Vanilla Mint Spark (Hmm, vanilla sounds a little sweet for toothpaste, but…) and Mint Chocolate Trek.

You heard us. CHOCOLATE. In toothpaste. But before you give up brushing your teeth altogether in the face of this insanity, hear us out. Chocolate toothpaste may actually be less crazy than you think — research has long suggested that theobromine, which is a component of cocoa is actually more effective for fighting tooth decay than fluoride.

And to be fair, we’ve squeezed out weirder things on our brushes’ bristles in the past. Anyone else who came of age in the ‘90s remember Hawaiian Punch-flavored paste? And in our toothpastey trek back to our childhood, let’s not deprive ourselves of a stop at Sparkling Star Shape Colgate Junior h/t Dinosaur Dracula.

We’re still not totally sold on signing up for a Mint Chocolate Trek every morning and night. There are are just so many better places to get your mint-chocolate fix! Hot chocolate, fudge, cupcakes, even lip balm. What do YOU think? Would you brush your teeth with mint chocolate-flavored toothpaste?