Moleskine is constantly reinventing themselves with new designs and partnerships, thereby totally squashing any idea that sketchbooks are losing ground to digital alternatives. In 2015, you can expect a whole new line of the iconic leather-bound books, including 82 different planners and 1,000 ways to use them. And yes, they come in different colors.

In this massive collection of planners, there are daily, weekly and monthly options. You can even choose between horizontal or vertical formats and varying sizes from pocket on up. We’re particularly fond of the color-a-month option.

There is seriously a different planner for whatever kind of organizer you happen to be. You can choose from having your whole week on one page to two. You can choose to have a planner with space for labels (which are included with the planner in different shades of metallic).

In addition to the choice of colors and hard or soft cover, there are even some limited-edition designs featuring characters from Star Wars and Peanuts on the planner itself, as well as on the accompanying labels.

If you want to start 2015 organized, pick a planner that works best with how you work. Hopefully with their large selection, Moleskine has one that’s perfect for you.

How do you get your plan on? Let us know your favorite planners in the comments!