Every writer, sketch artist and note-taker knows the glorious feeling of finishing a personal journal or notebook from cover to cover. There’s just something about knowing that your handwritten words and hand-drawn works are what fill those pages. But because there’s no escaping the digital world as it slowly becomes more and more integrated into our realities, bridging the gap between digital and analog has been becoming more significant. Moleskine knows that. Over the past couple years, Moleskine has collaborated with Evernote and Livescribe in attempts to bring the digital-analog gap to a close. Now, Moleskine has revealed its latest collaboration with (drumroll please) Adobe.

The Creative Cloud Moleskine notebook ($33) allows you to upload any designs, sketches and doodles onto a desktop, laptop or tablet. After it’s uploaded, you can open it up and digitally edit it on Photoshop or Illustrator. Sounds pretty great, but at the same time, we have to wonder if Moleskine is maybe taking a step backwards in blurring the line between the digital world and the analog universe.

Let’s look at Moleskine’s previous awesome collabs. The Evernote Smart Notebook used a joint camera app to upload all your written notes onto any smart device. Then, Moleskine progressed with the Livescribe Notebook, which totally blew our minds because it cut out the camera app so that whatever you wrote on the pages was immediately uploaded onto your device. But now with the Creative Cloud Moleskine notebook, the camera app “middleman” was reintroduced.

Don’t get us wrong, the app is pretty great. Even if you don’t have the latest iPhone 6’s camera quality, the app creates a high quality vector version of your artistic masterpieces. After you upload your creative pieces onto the connected app, you (or a co-worker) can open up your creation on Photoshop or Illustrator via the Creative Cloud and add that extra digital pizzazz to your sketch. Pretty cool! And we can totally see it thriving in the studio art and design industries.

Maybe this collaboration isn’t one-upping Livescribe, but it definitely keeps the combination of digital and analog that we so love. Still, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an even more epic collab in the future. *Cough* Shapeways and Moleskine *cough.* If that happens… then hi, we’ll take 10.

What collaborations with Moleskine are you looking forward to seeing? What are your thoughts about the Creative Cloud Moleskine? Talk to us in the comments!