Mother’s Day is on its way, and while we’ve been thinking about the tea parties we’re going to throw to celebrate those lovely ladies in our lives and the role-reversing care packages we’ll be sending to mama dearest, P&G has been thinking about all the ways our mom’s support us, stand behind us and show us strength even when things get tough. From protecting us from bullies and tornadoes to giving us the strength we need to reach our own dreams, this vid highlights the incredible role mother’s play every single day.

P&G _ Thank you, Mom

Simply titled, Thank you, Mom and captioned on P&G’s Facebook page with “It takes someone strong to make someone strong. #ThankYouMom,” the video features various children, both as little ones and then older, facing Olympic-sized situations that might be too much to take. That is, if mom wasn’t there, either in the stands cheering or at home watching, each mom is right there with her child.

We’re warning you right now, this is one heck of a (wonderfully amazing) tear-jerker. You’ll definitely want to grab some tissues before clicking play.

P&G | Thank You, Mom | Strong

It takes someone strong to make someone strong. \u0026amp;G

on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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(Photo via Thank you, Mom by P&G)