From Game of Thrones excitement to Hillary Clinton’s feat of strength, check out six of today’s top news items below!

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1. Maisie Williams got a look at the script for season seven of Game of Thrones and, judging by her reaction, it’s going to be a DOOZY. “Holy BALLS,” she tweeted, telling fans to start preparing themselves now. “Scratch that, nothing will prepare you for this.” WHAT COULD SHE POSSIBLY MEAN? We won’t know anytime soon — the next season won’t be out until next summer.

2. Hillary Clinton shut down any rumors about her being in bad health by doing the healthiest, strongest thing possible. She opened a jar of pickles on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Naturally.

3. Twitter’s Night Mode feature is finally here! Up late scrolling your timeline again? Trying not to keep the person next to you up while you fire off tweets from bed at 2am? Twitter finally released the Night Mode version of the app it promised us back in July. To activate it, simply update your app, tap the gear icon next to your profile image on your own profile, and hit “night mode.” The future is DARK.

4. KFC released a chicken-scented sunscreen because nothing is sacred in this life. Remember when KFC made that chicken-flavored nail polish that you could lick? Right. They’ve gone and taken the ridiculousness one step further with this sunscreen that smells like their unmistakable blend of herbs and spices. “It works just like regular sunscreen, but it smells like fried chicken,” KFC says in a promo video. They also point out that while it “smells like chicken, [it] tastes like sunscreen,” so, you know, don’t lick it off.

5. Will the Tokyo Olympic medals be made of… smartphones?! The moves towards a more sustainable games in Rio will carry over to the 2020 games in Tokyo, with considerations being made about Japan’s lack of natural resources and their abundance of electronics waste. Organizers are reportedly hoping to source the gold, silver and bronze for the medals from the “urban mine” of millions of smartphones and other small electronics. (h/t PopSugar, photo via Adam Pretty/Getty)

6. Quote of the day: “WHO’S THE GRANDMA NOW GUYS.” Aly “Grandma” Raisman razzes her young teammate Simone Biles for falling asleep before their flight home even took off. Aly is known as the grandma on the team because of her ripe old age of 22. We’ll miss these girls!

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(Featured photo via Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty)