If appearances were everything, we鈥檇 take one look at 12-year old Moziah Bridges and pinch his adorable cheeks. However, this whip smart, well-dressed little gent is running a successful company with five employees, including (*cue awws*) his mom and his grandma. At the age when most of us were at the pinnacle of our awkwardness, wearing nothing but stretch pants and Limited Too sweatshirts, Bridges is building a retail brand for himself called Mo鈥檚 Bows.

Bridges lives, works and goes to school in Memphis, and started Mo鈥檚 Bows at the age of nine (nine!) when he couldn鈥檛 find bow ties he liked at the store. His grandmother taught him to sew using scrap fabric and, needless to say, he had a knack for it. Since the company鈥檚 inception, his ties have been featured on Shark Tank, as well as in Vogue, Forbes and GQ magazines. Most of his ties retail for $40 and are designed with happiness in mind.

We can鈥檛 wait to see more from Mo鈥檚 Bows as Bridges grows into his britches, so to speak. Maybe britches will even be his next big adventure in the fashion world?

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