Every year, apartment search tool and walkability company Walk Score releases a list of the most walkable cities in America. The results are out. No surprise — New York, San Francisco and Boston are the top three. What other cities made the list? Check out the rankings below.


10. Baltimore: Recent revitalization efforts have made this modern harbor city a lovely and ideal place to take a stroll. It has a walk score of 66 out of 100, with Mount Vernon and Downtown being the most pedestrian-friendly areas.

9. Oakland: Oakland is steadily becoming a hot spot in the Bay Area. One of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States, it’s teeming with culture, music and food. Its score: 69.

8. Seattle: If you can catch it on a sunny day, then you’re in for a walkable treat. The Emerald City is surrounded by beautiful mountains and water. Downtown, Pioneer Square and Belltown are where you want to be. It has a score of 70.8.

7. Washington D.C.: With a walking score of 74.1, our nation’s capital is worth taking a stroll around. But it also has a stellar public transportation system. Most residents bike and walk around. In the spring, you can gape at gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Dupont Circle, U-Street and Downtown are where walking is the most convenient.

6. Chicago: It’s easy to get around The Windy City. Sure in the summer it can get hot, hot, hot and in the winter it can get cold, cold, cold, but dress appropriately, get walking and target West Loop, Near North Side or East Ukrainian Village. The score is 74.8.

5. Miami: It’s hard not to love Miami. It’s one of America’s cleanest cities, filled with beaches, nightlife and bicycles. Allocate a day in Downtown, Little Havana or Wynwood-Edgewater. The sunny city’s walk score is 75.6.

4. Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love is known for its cheesesteaks and art scene. The Avenue of the Arts South and Rittenhouse Square are ideal places to hang out. It has a score of 76.5.

3. Boston: The largest city in New England, Boston is teeming with lots of MIT and Harvard students, whose main source of transportation is their feet. If you want to take a walking tour around town, check out Avenue of the Arts South, Rittenhouse Square and Center City West. The walk score: 79.5.

2. San Francisco: You can spend an entire day walking around San Francisco, which is famous for its hilly landscapes, sleek bridges and Victorian architecture. There are plenty of things to see, and if you get tired, the BART and Muni systems are easy to use. The walk score: 83.9.

1. New York: If you live in New York City and own a car, chances are you’ll get weird looks on the streets. Everyone walks in the Big Apple. Spend a day in Union Square, make your way to the East Village and end up in Little Italy/Chinatown. Or, take a romantic stroll in Central Park. The city’s offerings are endless. Walk score: 87.6.

What cities do you like to meander around? Let us know in the comments below!