On every bride and groom’s to-do list: jaw-dropping wedding photos that are worthy of a lifetime of frames. And there’s no better (or easier) way to make the most of your wedding photographer than to have them use your location as a gorgeous backdrop. While beach weddings were trendy in the past, the biggest wedding trend of 2016 is mountain weddings. It’s no surprise, since mountains make spectacular backgrounds for even the simplest of chic weddings. From intimate moments to silly poses to group shots, these 21 photos of mountain weddings are sure to inspire and awe.


1. Canadian Mountains: This picture shows how every mountain is different (much like your relationship), which makes the backdrop unique to your special day. (via Diane + Mike Photography / Ruffled Blog)


2. Atop a Boulder: Old-school charm mixed with a classic pose makes for an adorable, instantly framable wedding photo. (via Brooke Schultz Photography)


3. Backdrop: Though we love them, there’s no need for a DIY backdrop in these parts. (via David Guenther Photography)


4. Evening Entertainment: Let your guests be enthralled with both delicious treats: your sweet nothings and the gorgeous mountains that encircle them. (via Tessa Barton)


5. Hidden Hills: Play with the unique juxtaposition of moments hidden among the environment with giant, breathtaking views. (via Abby + Dave / Wedding Bells)


6. Landscape Inspired: Don’t let the mountainous fun stop at your personal wedding photos. Incorporate landscapes in subtle ways throughout your whole day, like the way the twinge of edible gold on this cake reflects the Arizona landscape it’s surrounded by. (via Alyssa Campbell Photography / Fab You Bliss)


7. Double Exposure: Use this unique post-production technique to intermingle your wedding magic with the mountains to create a very bohemian shot. (via Phil Chester Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)


8. Harsh and Soft: Mix and match the various environments you may find on a mountain with your wedding dress or the look of you wedding, like pairing sweet poses and romantic lace with heavy, raw boulders. (via Boonetown Story)


9. Climb the Highest Mountain: If you’d climb the highest peak for your love, why not take a snapshot of it? (via David Guenther Photography)


10. Away We Go: There are various ways to come and go from a mountaintop. Find the one that works with your day (and your mountain) for a “getaway car” that’s all your own. (via Allyson Wiley Photography / Style Me Pretty)

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.48.10 PM

11. Group Photo: Add dimension to the typical group shot by getting up close and personal with the landscape. (via Christina Kiffney Photography)


12. Grab My Hand: A gorgeous yet simple way to capture your surroundings and love. (via IN Photography)


13. Do Like Brit!: The Founder of Brit + Co also had her wedding atop a mountain…’nuf said. (via David Stubbs / Green Wedding Shoes)


14. Floating: Whether it’s a pier or a raft, have your photographer play with the hidden river or lake among the mountains. (via Phil Chester Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)


15. Into the Great Unknown: Walk further into the mountain and into the future. #symbolism (via Mary Beth Tyson / Style Me Pretty)


16. Sweep Her Up: This breathtaking pose is made that much more breathtaking when it happens from 1000 feet in the air. (via Amanda Patrice / Green Wedding Shoes)


17. Framing It: Whether it’s a gesture or a decor element, find ways to frame the landscape around you. Alternatively, find interesting ways for the landscape to frame you. (via IN Photography)


18. Kiss Kiss: Any sweet smooch is perfectly balanced by a larger-than-life mountain. (via Allyson Wiley Photography)


19. Moment of Peace: Yes, every wedding has their secret, special moments, but a mountain environment gives you so many more places and spaces to steal away with your love. (via IN Photography)


20. Ceremony Decor: Instead of balloons or candles, let the environment that surrounds you spruce up your Big Day. Money-saving and magical. (via Allyson Wiley Photography / Style Me Pretty)


21. Repeat After Me: Try saying your vows at the peak of the mountain (as long as it’s still safe). It makes for a beautiful photo with a special, life-changing focus. (via B Wright Photography / Style Me Pretty)

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