Activity trackers are a great way to measure your daily activity and stay in shape. But, what if you forget to clip on your Fitbit or throw on your Jawbone UP? You’ll lose an entire day of data! Enter activity tracking apps—as long as you have your phone, you’ll have all the benefits of an activity tracker. Win.

The newest app on the scene? Nike+ Move. It was officially released on November 5th (although the world got a sneak peek back in September when Apple unveiled the 5S). We checked it out to see how it measured up against Moves, a more established app that comes from the Finland-based startup ProtoGeo. Get ready for the battle of the activity tracking apps: Move versus Moves!

Okay, let’s start with Moves. This app is all about getting you up and motivated. It’s essentially a pedometer for your iPhone or Android. It records your walking, cycling, and running on a daily basis and displays your activity using a visual “storyline.” You can easily access stats such as calories burned and distance traveled, and it shows your routes on a map.

In addition, the activity tracker is always running. There’s no need to turn it off and on when you want to record your movement. It’s automatic and effortless, and we love that. Moves also sends you daily updates in your Notification Center, which act as friendly reminders to get up and exercise (or reminders of how little you’ve actually been exercising). We’re also digging the simple and user-friendly design of the app. Interested in giving it a whirl? Download Moves for free here.

How does Nike’s app stack up? Move has many of the same features as Moves. The app tracks your physical activity and shows you when, where, and how you move. However, your steps, calories, and more are converted into NikeFuel, the “first-ever single, universal unit for measuring all kinds of activities.” Essentially, this app turns your phone into a Fuelband.

There’s also a social component to Move, since you can compare your NikeFuel levels with other users. If you’re the competitive type, this app might be the perfect fit for you. The downside with this one? It’s only available on the iPhone 5S, since the M7 coprocessor is essential for the app. Bummer, we know. For those of you who have the 5S, you can download Nike+ Move for free here.

All in all, both of these apps have something great to offer—they’re focused on getting you to change your habits and increase your daily activity levels. If you’re already a Nike+ member or if you love being able to compare your active hours with others, Move might be the app for you. For those of you without the 5S or who aren’t into NikeFuel measurements, try Moves. Either way, get moving!

Have you tried Moves or Move? Which app do you prefer? Talk to us in the comments below!