We head to the movies for all the best love stories, but those love stories don’t always mean romance and happily ever after. Sometimes for us it’s all about the set, particularly the kitchens. And whether the relationship starts in a kitchen or ends there, all the best movies have the kitchen playing a starring role. From traditional and classic to old world English, these six on-screen kitchens have us craving a home-cooked meal, but hopefully without all the Hollywood drama.

This Is 40

1. This Is 40: An all-white kitchen is always a classic choice, but if you want to warm things up a bit, accessorize with different woods and add fun dishware or colorful plates. Shiny white subway tiles and silver pendant lights bring some extra bling into this amazing space. (Photo via Universal Pictures)


To get the look, toss some fruit into wooden bowls ($59) and prop up some stylishly designed DIY cutting boards against the wall as functional art. Glass and silver pendant lights ($269) are perfect for low ceilings since they are clear when the lights are off. And whether you have open shelving or glass cabinetry, colorful dishware ($68) is always a must in a neutral kitchen.

Meryl Streep as "Julia Child" in Columbia Pictures' JULIE & JULIA.

2. Julie and Julia: Just looking at this Julia-Child-inspired kitchen has us contemplating whipping up lobster for dinner. If you want to channel your inner chef, consider painting your walls or cabinets light green and adding French-inspired accents like copper pots and vintage china. We’re also eyeing that wall of hanging utensils. Maybe a DIY pegboard would be easier than stuffed duck? ;) (Photo via Sony Pictures)


Obviously you can’t have a true French kitchen without a few colorful pieces of Le Creuset dishes ($159) for your beef bourguignon. Julia stored all of her rolling pins and wooden spoons in stoneware jars ($35) behind the stove and loved labeling those kitchen canisters ($19). And forget minimalism when you’re decorating like Julia — throughout her cooking career she collected every kitchen gadget that hit the market. For her it was a kitchen processor, but for us it might be a prep pad ($150) that makes it easy to track our nutrition goals. Finally, DIY this organization pegboard from A Beautiful Mess to complete that modern-day Julia Child kitchen.


3. Sex and the City: We expect only the best from Charlotte, and her kitchen is pure chic perfection. From the matching aprons to the clean white backsplash, this proper Upper East Side kitchen still manages a few bits of color with the retro gray floor tiles and the pretty pastel curtain in the window. (Photo via HBO)


You’ll need some chic glass cake stands ($20) to show off all those cupcakes. And we think Charlotte would LOVE these gold baking sheets ($100). How to add a color? Bring in some pretty pastel shades with striped potholders ($10). We know Charlotte is the queen of organization, and she would keep things like sprinkles and other decorating supplies organized in a white tray ($8) and have all the baking supplies in labeled white canisters ($30).


4. The Help: Obviously, anything that comes out of a Southern kitchen is going to be delicious, but we’re not just wanting sweet tea out of this kitchen. The aqua tiled floor, mint table and floral wallpaper are pastel perfection in this retro-chic space. We also love the use of a little dresser along the wall to make up for a lack of cabinet space. (Photo via DreamWorks Studios)

the help

Obviously a bundt cake pan ($20) is a must for your retro kitchen — even if you don’t want to hang it on the wall — as is a big glass pitcher ($30) for those batches of sweet tea and lemonade. If you have a dining room table or kitchen island that needs a little makeover, paint the legs of a table like this one from House to Home in your color of choice and make the kitchen even more retro with some floral wallpaper ($85) and mint green bowls ($24).

Its Complicated Meryl Streep kitchen

5. It’s Complicated: Is there anyone that didn’t want to be Meryl Streep in this movie? Seriously, she was able to whip up a chocolate cake at the drop of a hat. Full of natural light, hanging pots and floating cabinets, this is a place we wouldn’t mind having brunch in every single weekend (with Meryl cooking, of course). (Photo via Universal Pictures)


Even if you have an island, you can always use some extra shelves. Push a little prep cart ($200) to the end of your island and you can wheel it around to wherever you need some more surface area. Instead of adding color to the open shelves, this neutral kitchen has all-white kitchenware, including lots of white cake stands ($28). In a kitchen designed for entertaining, a good (and stylish) coffee maker ($35) is definitely a necessity. And be sure to keep your pots handy with a hanging pot rack ($37).


6. Downton Abbey: Even if you’re not feeding a small manor, this sweeping kitchen is a source of serious design envy. And though it’s not as stately as the rest of the estate, the rustic charm of this country kitchen is quaint and minimalist. We are loving the central wooden table that’s the workhorse of the Downton Abbey kitchen. If you’ve got space for one, a table or island will instantly give your kitchen that classic country feel. (Photo via PBS)


Get the downstairs decor vibe with olive green walls or cabinets and a rustic kitchen table ($2715), and be sure to hang some copper pots ($350) and copper mixing bowls ($150) from open shelving. A mortar and pestle ($50) is one of the oldest cooking tools and necessary for a classic kitchen. Put flour and sugar in stoneware jars ($40) and go with all-natural linen cloths ($20). And maybe even a linen apron if you really want to get in character.

What is your favorite movie or TV kitchen? Tell us what silver screen kitchens you adore in the comments below!