The kitchens is possibly the most important room in the home. However, with all those big appliances taking up valuable real estate, the zone can be difficult to personalize. But there are ways that you can make your kitchen reflect your personality. Enter the DIY. Whether you spend all your free time in there making gourmet dishes or you’re just in there long enough to pop a pizza in the oven, check out these 49 DIYs to make your kitchen uniquely yours.


1. Neon String Canisters: These super easy canisters promise to bring that pop of neon your counter has been asking for. (via Paper and Stitch)

2. Chalkboard Tops: No more grabbing the flour instead of the powdered sugar. Slap some chalkboard paint on your mason jar lids for instant easy organization. (via Momtastic)

3. Stained Canisters: Some glass stain and outliner paint are all you need for these canisters. You decide what font suits you best. (via Laura Parke)

4. Etched Canisters: Did you know that they make a special cream for etching glass? It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. (via Brit + Co)

5. Dotty Mini Canisters: These mini canisters are perfect for holding small things. You may even want to make some for your bathroom. (via Momdot)

6. Farmhouse Canisters: Going for a farmhouse vibe? These chalkboard labeled canisters will keep your ingredients gorgeous and handy. (via Mark Montano)

7. Silhouette Canister: Whether it’s a bone or monogram silhouette, such bright colored canisters will definitely make your pantry a happier place. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

Herb Gardens

1. Vertical Herb Garden: Don’t despair over your tiny kitchen. You can still include your very own herb garden with this vertical planter. (via Brit + Co)

2. Herb Planter Box: Here’s a simple project that makes your herbs easy to plant and easy to identify. Now you can ask your roomie for parsley, and they won’t bring you thyme. (via Laura Parke)

3. Hanging Herb Garden: This herb garden turns your herbs into an art piece, which we applaud. (via Homemade Modern)

4. Smiley Herb Planters: Got your kids helping you grow your herbs? Make it fun with these smiley planters. (via Say Yes)


1. Gemstone Magnets: These concrete gemstone magnets would be a perfect gift for your best friend. Of course, you’ll want to make a few extras for your own fridge, too. (via At Home In Love)

2. Wooden Magnets: The patterns and creativity associated with these magnets are endless. You just better have paint pens in all the colors of the rainbow. (via Brit + Co)

3. Alphabet Magnets: Plastic colored alphabet magnets are cheap, and so is spray paint. Mix the two together and turn those babies into something chic. (via The Things She Makes)

4. Neon + Wood Magnets: Why is it that wood and neon hues just complement each other so well? (via Brit + Co)

5. Polaroid Magnets: Get those Instagram images off your phone and on your fridge with these wooden Polaroid magnets. (via AKA Design)


1. Stenciled Tea Towels: We heart triangles, especially on a pretty tea towel like this. (via Lovely Indeed)

2. Neon Patterned Tea Towels: These bright patterned linens are just a stitch away from adding a pop to your kitchen. (via Brit + Co)

3. Confetti Tablecloth: In our opinion, every day should have some confetti in it, whether it’s your birthday or not. This tablecloth makes that possible. (via Oh Happy Day)

4. Shibori Tea Towels: Bring some deep blue into your kitchen with this ancient Japanese dyeing technique. (via Honestly WTF)

5. More Stenciled Tea Towels: Okay, how pretty is this pattern? We could stencil all our tea towels and napkins this way. (via No. 2 Pencil)

6. Confetti Tea Towel: Do your tea towels need an instant pick-me-up? Iron-on dots will accomplish that for you. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)

7. Printed Tea Towels: If you’re a calligraphy master, you better print your designs on printer transfer paper and make your tea towels one of a kind. (via Pearls and Scissors)

8. Neon Napkins: Okay, so maybe it’s another stenciling project, but in neon? Come on, guys. (via Brit + Co)

Bar Stools

1. Color Dipped Bar Stools: Jazz up your plain wooden bar stools with a burst of color. We found three different ways to do it. (via Brit + Co)

2. Color Blocked Bar Stools: The difference between color dipped and color blocked is that one is only partially painted and the other is completely painted. The more you know… (via Honeybear Lane)

3. Painted Stools: Some of us need a quick kitchen project without all the fancy tapes and brushes and such. Use a can of spray paint and give those stools new life in half an hour. (via BHG)


1. Wood Burned Utensils: Use a wood burning tool to give your wooden utensils a cabin-chic feel. Then, break out the plaid napkins. (via Cherished Bliss)

2. Nail Polish Utensils: If it has a handle, you can spice it up with nail polish. The only question left to answer is… to glitter or not to glitter? (via Brit + Co)

3. Glitter Dipped Spoons: Obviously, the answer is glitter. Always glitter. These spoons would make for perfect holiday gifting. (via Something Turquoise)

4. Neon Dipped Utensils: You caught us. We’re just dipping everything in paint. (via Sarah Hearts)


1. Gold-Dipped Lightbulb Chandelier: This chandelier is exactly what you want hanging over your kitchen island. Put a pendant light in the middle to get your glow on. (via Brit + Co)

2. String Pendant Light: A gorgeous pendant will give your kitchen a touch of whimsy and art. Can you believe it’s just string and glue? (via BHG)

3. Origami Pendant Lamp: Yup! These origami pendants are made out of paper. It doesn’t get any more budget friendly than that. (via Brit + Co)

4. Basket Pendant: Old baskets are easy to find in your local thrift stores. Choose your favorite weave and hang it up for all to see. (via Emily Henderson)

5. Copycat Hoop Light: We made this copycat Ladies and Gentlemen Studio pendant for almost a quarter of the price. We’re not kidding. (via Brit + Co)

6. Colander Pendant: This easy project can be done in so many different colors. Will you match yours or choose every color of the rainbow? (via Shelterness)

Cutting Boards

1. Color Coded Cutting Boards: Don’t shy away from wooden cutting boards because of the cleaning involved. Color code them so you can cut your meat and veggies on separate boards altogether. (via Dream A Little Bigger)

2. Wood Burned Cutting Boards: If you deem these boards too pretty to use, they’d make awesome cheese platters or wall decor. (via Design Mom)

3. Log Cutting Board: A slice of wood as a cutting board? We’ll take four. (via Man Made)


1. Vertical Organization: Simply hang some towel bars on an empty wall and take your pick of baskets, boxes or utensil holders to get your kitchen necessities in order. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Kitchen Pallet: Storing spices, knives and utensils on a hung pallet is brilliant for a small kitchen. (via Vorstellung von Schon)

Kitchen Decor

1. Metallic Shakers: These shiny shakers are as easy as one, two, contact paper. (via Brit + Co)

2. Painted Knife Block: Display your knives in style by giving your knife block a coat of color. Just sand and paint. (via Nur Noch)

3. Striped Refrigerator: Somebody brilliant invented gold duct tape. Somebody even more brilliant put it on their fridge. (via Honey and Fitz)

4. Marble Clock: All you need is a bit of marble tile to put this beautifully chic clock on your kitchen wall. (via Brit + Co)

5. Patterned Shakers: It’s amazing what a little stenciling action can do. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

6. Polka Dot Fridge: Turn that great white whale of a fridge into a polka-dotted paradise with contact paper. We’re all over that. (via At Home In Love)


Velcro iPad Holder: Keep your technology clean and clear of spills and splatters. Use Velcro to attach an iPad mount to the wall and get that precious screen off of the counter. (via Brit + Co)

What is your favorite kitchen DIY? Do you have a special project to share? Let us know below!