When your alarm goes off 15 minutes before your 8am class, you might think you have to choose between breakfast and brushing your teeth — wrong. If you have a mug and a microwave, you can whip up a quick breakfast to eat on the go and still have good dental hygiene. Easy mug cakes got you through finals last year, and savory mug recipes have come to the rescue on more than one occasion, so you know these recipes are going to be lit. Take to heart this back to school breakfast hack and whip up your first meal of the day with one of these 14 mug breakfasts you can eat on your way to class.


1. Two-Minute Scrambled Eggs: Scrambled eggs are probably the easiest breakfast you can make in the microwave. In just two minutes, you could be running out the door with your meal and minutes to spare. (via Home Is Where the Cookies Are)


2. Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake: Try keeping a big batch of dry ingredients ready to go so all you have to add is milk, butter and vanilla when you’re ready to make it. Add in the fresh berries and you have a quickie brekkie that reminds you of home. (via Five Heart Home)


3. Brownie Batter Breakfast Bake: What better way to treat yourself before a big exam than with chocolate brownies? This breakfast bake tastes just like dessert but is *actually* perfect brain food. (via Running With Spoons)


4. Five-Minute Honey Yogurt Quinoa Parfait: When there’s no time for microwaving your meal, parfaits are where it’s at. This one layers Cheerios, Greek yogurt and pomegranate for a healthy breakfast that will keep you focused all morning. (via Pinch of Yum)


5. Microwave Jelly Donut in a Mug: It doesn’t get much better than a jelly donut. If swinging by the cafeteria isn’t an option for you, this mug donut is a great alternative, AND it’ll be nice and warm. (via Bigger Bolder Baking)

french toast

6. Vegan Banana French Toast in a Mug: You’ll need something hearty to get you through your first set of classes, and this vegan French toast will do just that. Make your classmates jealous walking through the hall with the smell of maple syrup in your hands. (via Kara Lydon)


7. Microwave Granola in a Mug: Nothing says “I’ve really got it together” quite like making granola in the microwave. Throw a dollop of yogurt on top and you’re out the door in a flash. (via Bigger Bolder Baking)


8. Blueberry Banana Bread Mug Cake: When you run out of the banana bread your mom sent in her care package, you can make your own in the microwave. Just don’t tell her it’s as good as hers. (via Running With Spoons)


9. Two-Minute Omelet in a Mug: This protein-packed meal is just what you need for that sprint to class. Add in whatever veggies you have on hand, even if they’re from last night’s dinner. (via Dashing Dish)


10. One-Minute Coffee Cake in a Mug: Double fist with your coffee and this coffee cake, and you’re basically ready to take on the world. All you have to do is keep a box of Bisquick in your dorm and you literally have breakfast in one minute. (via Yummy Healthy Easy)


11. Apricot and Berry Mug Pancake: If you think making pancakes is out of the question, you’re mistaken. You can stir in whatever fruit you have in your mini fridge, but apricot and berry is one tasty combo. (via Refinery 29)


12. French Toast in a Mug: Whether you choose to go plain, add in dried fruits or even chocolate chips, French toast is *always* a good idea. And to think you can have that in the time it takes to heat up a couple Pop-Tarts. (via Jelly Toast)


13. Blueberry Banana Microwave Baked Oatmeal: Oatmeal is the most obvious microwave breakfast, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring packet of the store-bought mix. This “baked” oatmeal is full of flavor and will still get you to your lecture on time. (via Kim’s Cravings)


14. Two-Minute Cinnamon Swirl Mug Muffin: Save your Starbucks money and make your own cinnamon muffin at home. This Paleo and low-carb version is comforting AND a healthy alternative to other convenience breakfasts. (via Wholesome Yum)

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