Whether you’re commemorating a special event (we’re looking at you, Katy Perry!) or searching for a permanent way to save your kiddo’s artwork, tattoos can take all shapes and sizes. If you’re in need of inspiration for some new ink, this one is perfect for the more musically inclined. Musician Dmitri Morozov has designed a robotic process that reads these barcode-like tattoos to create music — kind of like a living music box.


Morozov calls the project “Reading My Body,” and it’s part of a bigger exploration of music through electronics. The gadget itself is actually pieced together from several sensors and motors, and you can control the sounds with your hand movements by using a 3D Nintendo Wii controller. Talk about multipurpose!


We’re imagining all the grand entrances we could make with Morozov’s tool — you could play it whenever you walked into a room, like your own theme song.

How cool would it be to see an entire band get on stage and just play their own tattoos? We think if Daft Punk ever wanted to make a habit of hitting the stage with a bit of skin showing, this might be the most epic way to do it.

You can check out more of Morozov’s work with electronics on his website.

What song would you get on your arm? Tune us in below!

(h/t PSFK, photos via PSFK)