A breast cancer diagnosis is devastating to anyone and their family. But while treatment has come a long way in the past 50 years, many women often go with a full or partial mastectomy to protect themselves against future risk. Even after reconstruction, women can be left with scars and, sometimes, a shaken sense of self-beauty. That’s why one tattoo service is offering a new option for breast cancer survivors to heal in a whole new way.

P.Ink is a nonprofit that connects skilled tattoo artists, specializing in mastectomy work, with breast cancer survivors. Together, the two individuals conceptualize, design and create a beautiful tattoo that can transform a mastectomy scar into a work of art.

Rather than the more traditional nipple and areola tattoo reconstruction, these artists design flowering landscapes, gorgeous birds and inspirational patterns that help women see their breasts in a new light.

Many of P.Ink’s clients have said that the tattoos helped them reclaim their feelings of self-worth and beauty, encouraging them to embrace what they saw in the mirror after years of chemo and surgery. We’ve got to say, having heard some of these stories and seen the way the beautiful body art can change these women, we are huge fans of the cause.

You can donate to P.Ink by visiting their website here or purchasing their app on iTunes.

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