Listen, summer isn’t over until we say it is, okay? In lieu of fall fashion fast approaching, we’re focusing ALL of our efforts on taking our jewelry game to the next level. If it’s neon, tasseled, beaded — or better yet, all of the above — then consider us in. Whether you’re looking to accessorize your beach attire or you want to add a pop of color to your professional wardrobe, look no further than these 21 summer statement pieces. They’re guaranteed to keep the good summer vibes comin’.


1. Cape Town Neon Bracelet Set ($62): Make like every other style blogger on the block and add this festive stack to your #ootd STAT. Wear one or all five bracelets with your favorite striped tee for a preppy, summer-approved look.


2. Strawberry Hill Necklace ($88): Beads on beads on beads You have the necklace, now all that’s left is to book the Caribbean cruise of your dreams.


3. Tassel Necklace ($26): Looking for that one necklace that will inevitably be on repeat all summer long? Found it. This leather fringe necklace and cool vintage brass plate is the epitome of retro-chic.


4. Venessa Arizaga Aloha Bracelet ($55): Friendship bracelets FTW! From the alphabet beads to the rainbow thread, there is nothing more rad than this Aloha bracelet. #nevergrowup


5. Neon Alba Coin Necklace ($15): If you’re not sporting neon jewelry, then is it really even summer? Score big with this necklace that’s jam-packed with a neon tassel, beads and trinkets.


6. Colorful Pink Tassel Necklace ($32): Soft spot for hot pink tassels? You betcha! We’ll be wearing this one on the reg.


7. Evil Eye Hand Chain ($27): You were born to stand out with this game-changing evil eye hand chain. It takes a true cool girl to rock this killer statement piece.


8. Circle Beaded Bib ($32): One beaded bib necklace = endless wardrobe possibilities. When you find a necklace this punchy + colorful, DO proceed to style it with chambray shirts, maxi dresses and carefree rompers for an on-point look.


9. Quartz Gumball Necklace ($318): A healthy dose of turquoise is said to keep the summer blahs at bay. For maximum perfection, this gumball necklace will add an air of sophistication to all of your summer whites.


10. Stacked Chain Tassel Necklace ($11): I have too many tassels… said no one ever. Wardrobe conundrum solved.


11. Opal Teardrop Necklace ($256): Whether you’re an October baby or not, opal is the birthstone of the moment. For a simple yet stunning statement, this teardrop necklace is everything.


12. Beaded Rope Collar Necklace ($8): Part Indian-inspired, part Aztec, this beaded rope collar necklace sure knows how to make a statement. The colorful seed beads combined with the zig-zag pattern just scream music festival bling.


13. Flossy Tassel Cuff ($34): A little tassel (or two) goes a long way when it’s adorning your go-to gold cuff.


14. Antiqua Tassel Bib ($48): Enter the show-stopping necklace that will work for cocktail hour, a summer wedding or even your upcoming Montauk getaway. #Winning


15. Shop Sweet Things Necklace Kit ($30): Call up your #girlgang for the necklace-making party of the century. If big beads are your jam, then you’re going to get a kick out of this DIY necklace kit that allows you to customize your beads for a one-of-a-kind piece.


16. Abacus Bracelet ($36): Add one more bracelet to our arm party stack? Can do, indeed, especially if it’s as tassel-friendly as this one.


17. Candy Monster Eyes and Lips Bracelet ($79): A bit kooky and off-kilter? Absolutely. Crazy-cool in the best possible way? Oh yeah. Our advice: Invest in this cheeky charm bracelet today.


18. Three Step Triangle Opal Ring ($418): Cult favorite Catbird does it again with this stunning triangle opal ring. Wear it alone or stack it with your daily finger jewels for an unstoppable look.


19. Polynesian Necklace ($48): If you’ve ever desired that oh-so-cool layered look, then here’s your chance. Complete with an apple seed and wishbone charm, this three-in-one necklace does the styling for you.


20. Castillo Wrap Bracelet ($58): Hello, quintessential summer wrap bracelet! We’ve been waiting for ya. Let’s just say that your traditional white t-shirt + cutoffs combo will never be the same again.


21. Polyvore Tassel Necklace Kit ($25): Be the talk of the town with these fun DIY tassel necklaces created with one of our Brit Kits. And as the compliments roll in, don’t be modest — you deserve all the street cred you can get for your fringe-tastic creation.

Will you be investing in any of these summer statement pieces? Tell us in the comments below!