We’re all about spending some QT with Mother Nature this summer, and it looks like our jewelry collection definitely agrees. We’ll never say no to pearls or sparkle, and so lately we’ve been coveting a gem that looks like an otherworldly combo of the two: opal. Whether you’re looking for a bright statement or just a colorful, everyday piece, these unique gemstones will definitely add a can’t-take-my-eyes-off-of-you punch to your summer wardrobe. In other words, they’re all worth the splurge.

1. Teardrop Ring ($198): Looking for a daintier flash of opal for your ring collection? This teardrop-shaped beauty looks amazing solo or stacked with your other pretties.

2. Oval Opal Pendant ($548): This family heirloom-status necklace is the real deal, and we can’t stop staring.

Opal Jewelry Purkinje Ring

3. Purkinje Ring ($132): If silver is more your thing, this open ring is a super-easy way to make a statement this summer.


4. Opal Ring ($48): Looking for a sweet and simple way to declare your love for all things opal? This dainty little ring can be worn alone or with friends.

Opal Jewelry Pendant

5. Opalite Pentagon Pendant Necklace ($28): This opalite necklace combines our love for geometric shapes and colorful stones. Each stone is unique and said to promote a feeling of peace, so you can bask in those summertime vibes.

Opal Jewelry Earring Set Etsy

6. Opal Stud Earrings in Silver or Rose Gold ($89): For rose gold or silver fans, these opal stud earrings are the way to go. It’s amazing how this gem goes with all three finishes — we can’t even pick a favorite.

Opal Jewelry Ring

7. Gold Opal Arch Ring ($35): Want your stone to make more of a statement? This little arch ring is completely handmade from scratch and totally customizable.

Alien Opal Earrings

8. Abduction Earrings ($550): A little too excited about the return of The X Files? Us too. Until then, we’ll be rocking these adorable little alien studs that are totally Mulder and Scully-approved.

9. Raw Opal Ring ($67): If you’d rather show your current ring stack some opal love, try these rings that are individually cut and hand-hammered, so no two are exactly alike.

10. Milky Moonstone Necklace ($28): We’re a little obsessed with this milky opalite necklace. Throw it on over your most comfortable maxi dress and get out in the sun!

11. Monroe Earrings ($164): We had to do a double-take when we spotted these pups. These petite yet powerful statement earrings would be great for a festival or night out.

Opal Jewelry Lariat Necklace

12. Opal Trillion Lariat Necklace ($258): While we love a bold necklace, we’re all about keeping it simple and light this summer. This gorgeous opal lariat necklace would pair perfectly with a flowy maxi dress. Summer date-night look, anyone?

Opal Jewelry Open Cuff Ring

13. Open Cuff Diamond Opal Ring ($298): One of our favorite things about these pretty little stones is that they’re so easy to mix and match with other pieces. This open-cuff diamond opal mix is definitely at the top of our ring wish list.

Opal Jewelry Catbird Necklace

14. Teardrop Necklace ($256): Opal fun fact: In medieval times, opals were thought to make the wearer invisible. Looks like we’ll be getting into some summertime shenanigans with this delicate necklace.

Opal Jewelry Etsy Colorful Earrings

15. Opal Glass Stud Earrings ($12): This simple stud set is easy on the eyes and the budget.

Which opal piece is your favorite? Do you prefer another gem? Let us know in the comments!