With everyone’s favorite season now in full swing, you’ve probably begun to exhaust some of your favorite warm weather clothes. And as much as we’d love to go on a super shopping spree, we also have to pay the rent. So if you’re up for getting a little crafty, update your wardrobe with one (or all) of these fashionable projects.


1. Beach Hat: Don’t overlook that basic sun hat from the drugstore. With a little bit of love it can easily become your new beach BFF. (via Brit + Co)


2. Crop Top: Hit up the thrift store and look for an oversized men’s button down to create this versatile crop top. (via The Felted Fox)


3. Faux Espadrilles: Have a pair of sneakers, wedges or sandals that have seen better days? Give them a new life with just a little bit of hot glue and twine to turn them into the trendiest shoe of the summer. (via Brit + C0)


4. Midi Skirt: Not too short and not too long, this is perfect for everything from an afternoon at the beach to a date night. (via Merrick’s Art)

5. DIY Summer Bikinis: Our girl LaurDIY shows off simple ways to make over your old swimsuit. Bonus: Grab up some cheapies on sale now to add them to your rotation next year. (via LaurDIY)


6. Blanket Bag: Have an old blanket lying around that you never use? Bust out your sewing machine and transform it into a colorful beach bag. (via Brit + Co)


7. Beach Cover Up: Here’s an idea that doesn’t require any sewing skills. With a few cuts and knots, an oversized t-shirt can become your go-to beach cover-up. (via Gina Michele)

8. Denim Cut Offs: It may seem like a super simple idea, but it can easily go totally wrong. If there is anyone we’d trust to show us how to make a killer pair of cutoffs, it’s definitely going to be Levi’s. (via Levi’s)


9. Tasseled Heels: Got some plans to hit the town? Spice up a basic pair of heels with some fun leather tassels. (via Brit + Co)


10. Watermelon Fanny Pack: Headed to a festival? Leave that purse at home and strap this on with your new denim cutoffs. (via Brit + Co)


11. Donut Sunglasses: Who says you can’t get a little bit playful with your eyewear game? Donut Day has come and gone, but these sunglasses will be cool all summer. (via Studio DIY)


12. White T-Shirt Hack: Grab a pack of Hane’s tees and some scissors and transform the boxy top into a sexy, open-backed number. (via Brit + Co)

How do you update your wardrobe for summer? Share with us in the comments below.