Sure, it might be the most commercialized holiday out there, but Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to show your loved ones they’re important to you. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy into the whole box of chocolates and dozen red roses thing. If you’re trying to show someone you care, why not take the time to consider what would mean the most to that person? Whether you’re doing it up Galentine’s style or planning something a little more on the *romantic* side, the Myers-Briggs can be a great starting point for showing some love this V-Day. Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered.

istj: The Logician

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ISTJs are all about — you guessed it! — logic. They much prefer the practicality over whimsy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little celebration. For your ISTJ loved one, it may work best to stay away from flowery gestures this V-Day and stick with a straightforward, obviously useful token of affection, like a subscription to a magazine on a topic they’re interested in or an act of service like shoveling out the driveway (your ISTJ will love you for indulging their sense of cleanliness and order!).

isfj: The Defender

Just like their ISTJ cousin, ISFJs value the practical in life, but because they’re feelers, they may also be a little nostalgic. And although they may be introverted, they are great at nurturing relationships and thus maintain robust social lives. For that special ISFJ in your life, aim for something equal parts sensible and sentimental, such as a home-made meal with a nice bottle of vino (or your favorite takeout). If you’d rather go the gift route, how about a gift that could become an heirloom, like a quality watch or locally crafted pair of earrings?

INFJ: The Advocate

INFJs are givers in every area of their lives. They crave depth and meaning, and they’re willing to spend themselves emotionally and physically to get there. This Valentine’s Day, show your INFJ you love them by empowering them to take care of themselves (though they might resist it!). Whether you plan an in-home spa night or book a pricey massage, a self-care-focused gift or experience will fill your INFJ’s love tank so they can give themselves to others!

INTJ: THe Architect

An INTJ is the kind of personality who’s all about the life hacks. Conscientious and responsible, they’re fascinated by anything that might help them streamline or optimize their lives. To show an INTJ you love them, show them you get it and celebrate their desire for efficiency. Try tackling a house project you’ve been putting off (is it time to organize those DVDs?) or, if you want to shell out a bit more cash, spoil your INTJ loved one with a fancy gadget.

ISTP: THe Virtuoso

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If you spend any amount of time with an ISTP, you know this personality loves to explore. Naturally curious with a penchant for getting their hands dirty, ISTPs also have an affinity for both the practical and the creative. If you’re not in the right climate for an outdoor hike, set up a date at an escape room with a group of fearless friends or get a tech-y gift that gives your ISTP an opportunity to tinker.

ISFP: The Adventurer

It’s adventure time! ISFPs are a quirky personality who love to experience beauty and indulge their creativity, but don’t mistake their hands-on aptitude for a lack of desire to connect with others. To delight the ISFP, create some room for them to flex their creative muscles and make something beautiful — maybe a night out at a local paint and wine spot, a Brit + Co. DIY kit, or a Moleskine journal with some nice pens.

INFP: The MEdiator

INFPs are like human poetry. Soulful and emotional, they deeply value the beauty around them. A beautiful yet meaningful gift or experience, especially if it affirms their convictions or values, would be right up an INFP’s alley. For your INFP loved one, try something whimsical and poetic, like a bouquet of wildflowers and a card with a thoughtful, hand-written note expressing what you love about them.

INTP: The Logician

INTPs are critical, but in a good way — a little nerdy and a lot analytical, this personality is always down to learn something new (and indulge in slightly random information). Chances are, your INTP loved one would love a book about a deep and philosophical topic or a date night checking out an exhibit at a local science or history museum. Not down to go out? Make a fancy dinner and watch a Netflix doc!

ESTP: The Entrepreneur

ESTPs may be practical, straight shooters, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also love nice things and experiences. They just want their nice things and experiences to serve a purpose. If a Tesla test ride is out of the question for your style-conscious ESTP, take them to a new, hip dinner spot and order the fanciest thing on the menu — and dessert, of course.

ESFP: THe Entertainer

ESFPs are the best at celebrating other people, so chances are if you know one, they’re already planning something special for you this V-Day. Catch your ESFP loved one off guard and plan a surprise adventure with a group of friends to indulge the ESFP’s outgoing and fun-loving nature. And, of course, make sure to document everything on Insta stories (bonus points if you know their favorite filter).

ENFP: The Campaigner

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ENFPs are the best of both worlds: equal parts outgoing and deep. If they’re not running around town having fun with a group of friends, they can probably be found hanging out at a coffee shop waxing poetic with a few pals. This Valentine’s Day, why not start out with at your ENFP loved one’s favorite coffee shop for a deep convo and meet up with some friends for dancing or drinks afterward?

ESTJ: THe Executive

ESTJs are extremely ambitious and goal oriented, so V-Day might be a great opportunity to let your ESTJ loved one know how much you appreciate their hard work. After you celebrate all they’ve achieved, give the special ESTJ in your life a chance to kick back and relax with their drink of choice, popcorn, and a movie that inspires them.

ESFJ: THe Consul

ESFJs delight in being hospitable — and because they are so easygoing and warm, they’re great at it too. Take time to delight your ESFJ-loved one with gifts that help them do what they’re best at! Whether you opt for some Magnolia swag at Target, a pound of local coffee beans, or a cookbook of Instant Pot recipes, a thoughtful gift that serves a hospitable purpose is sure to please.

ENFJ: THe PRotagonist

ENFJs are great at bringing out the best in the people they love. They’re equally warm, responsible leaders who are authentically interested in making the world a better place however they can. Is there a charity or cause your ENFJ loved one is passionate about? Make a donation in their name or, better yet, give your ENFJ some face time with people they care about and spend a few hours volunteering together!

ENTJ: The Commander

This personality values results and efficiency more than most personality types, so that means they usually prefer actions that add value to their lives over sentimental words. Make this personality feel extra loved on Valentine’s Day with an act of service or house project that clears up time in their schedule to indulge in a hobby they’re great at but might not have time for.

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