Today is one of the yummiest days of the year — National Hamburger Day — and we’re counting down the minutes until we can fire up the grill or high tail it to our favorite drive thru window to partake in the sesame-seeded festivities. The only thing holding us over until then are your mouthwatering Instagrams of and inspired by the perfectly cooked patty. From adding sinful toppings way beyond bacon + bleu cheese — we spotted someone using a glazed donut as a bun! — to inviting four-legged guests to the dinner table, check out the clever, candid and kooky ways YOU are celebrating this year’s NHBD.

1. Jump inside a giant burger bean bag chair! (We’re way jealous of this kid.)

2. Exhausted your LEGO set? Build an epic tower of burgers.

3. Mmm, In-N-Out. Always, always, always enjoy with a side of (Animal Style) fries.

4. When adding bacon just isn’t sinful enough, there’s always a Krispy Kreme at the ready.

5. As always, invite only the most distinguished of guests to the dinner table.

6. So hungry you’re starting to hear voices? We’d listen to that burger if we were you!

7. Burgers are the new polka dots.

8. Eat your burger for dessert…

9. Twice!

10. Give your burger a modernist makeover.

11. Add a slice of pizza to your burger, because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

12. #Foodporn 101: There should always be a drizzle of sauce. Always.

13. Let your burger go retro.

14. Craving veggies? A vegan burger should do ;)

15. Don’t forget to take a #burgerselfie! Nom.

16. But above all else, love your burger.

How are you celebrating national burger day? Tell us your secret recipes in the comments below!