March is filled with some pretty amazing holidays. You can rock your best green at a St. Patrick鈥檚 Day celebration and extend your time with the sun with Daylight Savings,聽but our favorite holiday that isn鈥檛 really a holiday this month has to be National Nap Day. We all know that we should be budgeting for more sleep, but with the inevitable daily grind, catching the zzz鈥檚 your body needs get more difficult every day. We caught up with Restworks CEO Christopher Lindholst to give us three unique tips to get the most of your 2017 National Nap Day. Grab your sleep mask, ladies. It鈥檚 time for us to catch some shuteye.

young woman sleeping

1.The Full Sleep Cycle Nap: 鈥淚deal for the weekends, you can get in a full sleep cycle nap by taking a 90-minute nap in the early afternoon. This is a good way to reduce sleep debt without the negative Monday morning effects of sleeping in late on weekend mornings,鈥 said Lindholst. He also suggests setting an alarm to be sure you don鈥檛 keep sleeping past the 90 minutes.

2.TheBeauty Nap: It鈥檚 called beauty sleep for a reason. Lindholst says, 鈥淚f you are going to relax and close your eyes for 20 minutes, your skin might as well benefit too. Head to a spa for a facial treatment and let them know you鈥檙e going to take a nap while you enjoy the service.鈥

3.The Caffeine Nap: Wait, a nap with a side of coffee? Sign us up. 鈥淭his is the ultimate boost,鈥 says Lindholst. 鈥淚t takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to be absorbed into the body so if you want a real boost, drink some cold coffee or tea before you take your quick nap.鈥 Lindholst does note that you use this one cautiously, which TBH, makes a lot of sense.

Lindholst also suggests that you find yourself your own nap track, saying that if you listen to the same music each time you nap, it can help cue your brain to relaxation and make it easier to fall asleep. Plus, what better day to pick your go-to track for the entire year than on National Nap Day?

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