Monthly subscriptions have been all the rage for the past couple years, and we are SO on board. From trying a different batch of beauty products each month with Birchbox to chowing down on new and delicious varieties of bacon with Bacon of the Month, we love that curated samplers have gone postal. ;)

Today we focus on a variety of subscriptions for dudes. We recommend bookmarking this page as a gift guide for just about any man in your life.

The Mantry Company ($ TBD): A play on man plus pantry, Mantry sends a curated selection of full-sized culinary items from around the world. Mantry just launched so prices are still TBD. Be sure to sign up for the waiting list if you're interested in going gourmet.

The Put This On Gentlemen's Association ($45): Don't let the long title scare you off. This subscription is for a gorgeous pocket square every other month, handmade and designed in Los Angeles.

Dollar Shave Club ($1-$9): You've likely seen the launch video for this club around the Internet, but the service is more than just a hilarious piece of viral goodness. It's simply a blade a month and includes a compatible handle with your first month. Easy. As. Pie.

Birchbox Men ($20): Like it's female counterpart, Birchbox Men is a subscription to grooming and lifestyle products, every month. From Field Notes to face scrub, this is a great gift for any guy. Especially if your man is still using a bar of Irish Spring to wash his face, body and hair.

Manpacks ($ Varies): Manpacks are an every-3-months subscription to the bare essentials any man needs: Underwear, socks, shaving essentials, condoms and more. You just custom build your manpack, and you're good to go! No more toes peeking out of your socks or dingy looking undershirts.

What type of monthly subscription would you sign up for? Have you tried any of these out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or find us on Twitter. And for even more subscription-style goodness, check out our Valentine's Day roundup.