Chocolate lovers, get ready for a totally new way to experience your favorite treat! Japanese design company Nendo has created the “chocolatetexturebar,” which will please your palate in more ways than one.

Nendo textured chocolate 1

Introduced in 2015, the “chocolatetexturebar” — which comes in milk chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate, bitter chocolate and matcha flavors — includes 12 snap-off sections that each use unique textures meant to alter and enhance the experience of eating the various chocolates.

Nendo’s website explains: “… although ‘eating’ is generally thought of as one action, actually the taste is recognized after going through various procedures such as ‘place on top of the tongue,’ ‘bite,’ ‘roll inside the mouth,’ ‘melt’ and ‘swallow.’ ‘chocolatexturebar’ is a single bar of chocolate, but the surface is divided into 12 faces each with diverse texture. By tasting each face with the tongue… one can enjoy a new taste dimension that is unlike any other conventional chocolates.”

But why stop there with the chocolate-lovin’ brilliance? Nendo has also created a “chocolamixture” set which is not only adorable, but also gives you even more flavor options by mixing their capsuled concoctions of yumminess in chocolate flasks topped with white-chocolate corks.

Unfortunately, this textured treat is currently only available in Japan, but no doubt a full-force drool-fest from other countries may convince the creators to start shipping worldwide. *fingers crossed*

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(h/t Mental Floss; photos via Nendo)