Here at Brit + Co we’ere big fans of both color and typography, and if there’s a fun way to combine them—even better. Which is why this marquee sign DIY is one of our favorites, and why we’re currently obsessing over neon signs as decor. No longer just for bar signs (though those are still going strong!), you can find several ways to add a little glow to your home. Be sure to check out the incredibly thorough tutorial on how to make your own sign, too!

1. The Kiss Was Beautiful: We love the love note inspired signs by multimedia artist Tracey Emin. Each sign is written in a scrawl you can imagine someone leaving on a paper napkin or the back of a grocery list. (via Tracey Emin Studio)

2. DIY Neon Sign: Using EL (electroluminescent) wire you can easily make a neon sign in any shape or phrase you desire. What would yours say? (via The Poopers)

3. YOLO: You get two trends in one with this white neon sign. It makes a great reminder to get out there and enjoy yourself. (via Alex Amend Photography on Houzz)

4. Who Dares Wins ($700): Ready to actually buy a sign for your home? Go ahead and be daring and order this ready-to-hang sign.

5. You Are Here: We love the fact that the background of this glowing sign is a map. All that’s missing is the pushpin with your location. (via daveotuttle on Flickr)

6. Neon House Numbers: Such a smart idea to light up your house numbers in neon. You’ll just want to check with your neighbors to make sure they don’t mind the glow, or only turn them on when you’re expecting guests or a food delivery. (via Mark Brand Architecture on Houzz)

7. Sssppp: Why yes, this is the most perfect neon sign ever for a champagne cellar. Yes, you read that correctly. A champagne…cellar. Now you know what’s on the “future home wish list” of every single one of us at Brit HQ. (via Jute Home)

8. Lucky Neon Light (£295): This light comes with a bit of assembly required, but luckily it’s just snapping the letters together and hanging it on your wall.

9. Heineken Bar Sign: And of course there’s always the “classic” way to do neon, the traditional bar sign. We’d recommend using one of these over the bar in the basement. (via Urban Abode on Houzz)

10. Neon Letters Kit ($74 each): Spell out anything you want with these letters that simply plug together. Just be sure you order the right transformer to avoid watching your lights flicker out.

Would you ever put a neon sign in your home? What would you want it to say and would you buy or DIY? Tell us in the comments!