Here at Brit + Co, we celebrate color ALL the time. Whether we’re dipping cookies in neon frosting or dipping our heels in a little spray paint, we are all about adding a peppy pop of color to everything we can.

Since the whole color block trend seems to be here to stay, we’re kicking off a week (or maybe even a month?) of color blocked goodness, starting with 20 of our favorite color-blocked creations from the Brit + Co. archive. We’ll be the first admit, we’re using the term “color block” pretty loosely here, but how can you argue with bright, bold, colorful projects? :)

1. Color-Blocked Petit Fours: First up, petit fours! We created these using poundcake, icing, and expertly placed sprinkles. We are also inspired by Pantone chips.

2. Color Block Your Heels: Now this one takes us back. To create a little pop of color on your heel, use spray paint and spray shellac. We love the orange and blue combo.

3. Wooden Bowls: Like a little neon with your rustic table setting? Us too. We created soup bowls, salad bowls, serving bowls, and, of course, a lazy susan.

4. Balloon-Dipped Jars: One of our favorite last minute party hacks, simply cut a balloon at both ends and stretch over a glass, jar, or vase to create this plasti-dipped look.

5. Color Wheel Cake: We know, a color wheel doesn’t exactly count as color blocked. But, in a way, isn’t the color wheel the original color block? ;)

6. Jenga Necklace Rack: As you can tell, we love the combination of natural wood and bright blue hues. Plus, blocks of color? Helloooo color block!

7. Double Rainbow Cake: Two rainbows are obviously better than one.

8. Chevron Braid: You can leave the Manic Panic hair dye at home with this fun braided chevron hack.

9. Easter Egg Pops: Who says you have to wait until Easter to chow down on some Easter Egg pops? To get these crazy colors we used Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and Kool-Aid.

10. Wooden Utensils: Hosting a party and need a little pizzazz in a pinch? We painted these utensils with nail polish!

11. Dip Dye Cookies: Frosting doesn’t always have to be a pastel situation. Up your usual food coloring quantity and go for rich hues on your favorite homemade or store-bought cookies.

12. Balloon Bud Vases: Another stretch on the use of “color block,” these colorful vases were created using shot glasses and balloons.

13. Color Block Pancakes: How adorable is this short stack of stars?

14 .Triangular Wall Storage: We went for three different cool tones for our wall caddy, but you could also block it out with fluorescent orange, neon yellow, and hot pink.

15. Brighten Up Your Brooms: Cleaning doesn’t always need to be so boring. Okay, maybe painting the ends of your brooms and mops won’t actually make cleaning fun, but at least you’ll look darn chic while tidying up.

16. State Memo Boards: Cork combines beautifully with a lemon-lime hue in this DIY memo board.

17. Candy Corn Popcorn Cones: Yep. You can color block ice cream cones… and you can fill them with chocolate-covered popcorn. You’re welcome.

18. Colorful Coasters: Our second combo of cork and color, these are easy to drum up for your next summer soiree.

19. Neon Nonslip Hangers: Turn a handful of wire hangers into sturdier, prettier hangers by wrapping them in colorful yarn.

20. Sugar Cubes: And last, sugar, ah, honey honey! It’s simple as can be to make your own colorful sugar cubes – perfect for a tea par-DIY!

What do you think of the color block trend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.