We get it, Valentine’s Day can be stressful. What to get the super smart guy in life? If you accidentally tune out when he starts in on his geek-speak (was it Aviator 3.0 or Scorpion 5.7 that he wanted for his gaming pleasure?), don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered. Check out some totally a-dork-able gifts for the dweebish sweetie in your life!

1. I Love You Bean ($7): Let him grow a bean that sprouts with the words “I Love You.” He’s more than likely never to have bean there or done that ; )

2. Show Your Work T-Shirt ($12): If running proofs gets him hot under the collar, then show him how you came to the conclusion: He’s meant for you.

3. The Geek’s Guide to Dating ($15): Pictures, graphs, steps and how-tos… a guide to dating in a style even he’ll understand.

4. Sweetheart Filled Cake Pans ($13): This cake mold let’s you fill his heart with whatever his preferred sustenance is. If he’s like most gamers out there, we’d go with Ritz crackers and Easy Cheese.

5. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug ($12): His heart beats for 8 bit, and we’ve got just the thing for him. Fill this mug with hot coffee or tea, and the heart will fill up with red. Full life restored!

6. BeEr Basic Dark Shirt ($28): Beer brewers are in fact chemists at heart.

7. The Original Music Note Clock ($22): Is the tick of the metronome music to his ears? Yeah? Then he’ll be all about telling time by beats.

8. Tea Mug> ($18): For the coder and tea lover… he’ll think of you with each sip and strike of the keyboard.

9. Batman Money Clip ($40): Your boy might not have mad stacks of cash like Bruce Wayne, which is a good thing. All those dollar bills (yo) would never fit in this dorky hip money clip.

10. Engineer Mug ($15): He can write Python and never make a typo, but when it comes to English… umm… not so much. Show him you “luv” him regardless of his spelling capabilities.

11. Math Wall Clock ($23): Complex math… it’s so hot.

12. Retro Music Cassette iPhone 5 Cover ($40): The man makes a mean mixed tape even if he does carry the latest iPhone. Combine his technology disconnect with this kick ass case.

13. Math Glasses ($38): And you thought drinking was just recreational… nope. Not here. It’s all about learning stuff… like math.

14. R2-D2 Lunch Bag ($20): His favorite little droid in lunchbox form. You’ve officially made him the envy of his Jedi Warrior training class.

15. Earth Science Glasses ($38): The universe really is a beautiful place. Cheers to it.

16. Eye Glasses Holder ($18): Make sure his glasses are safe and sound before you go in for one epic make-out sesh.

17. Great Minds Puzzles ($20): This oughta stimulate his cerebellum. Bow chicka wow wow.

18. Coffee Cup Power Inverter V2.0 ($35): This is usually the go-to cup for energy. Now, even your electronics are getting in on the action. The bots really might be taking over…

19. Pitsco Lumberjack Cutting Board ($45): Got a Paul Bunyan type of man on your hands. First of all, that’s hot. Secondly, he needs this.

20. Cooking for Geeks ($10): Food science is pretty cool. And here it is in all its glory.

21. Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set ($60): If old kung-fu movies are his jam, inspire his inner Bruce Lee. In the kitchen. Where dinner is served.

22. The Hobbit Moleskine ($19): And then you went and did it. You gave him one notebook to rule them all.

23. Breaking Bad Beaker Mug ($13): If Walter White and Jesse Pinkman make their way into your conversations on a daily basis, give him a beaker-inspired mug, yo.

24. Doctor Who Purple Bow Tie ($30): You thought about building him a police box, but then you realized this would fit in his apartment much better.

How are you going to V-day gift the geeky guy in your life? Get down and nerdy in the comments below!