For design nuts, photo nerds, geeky fashionistas and engineers who are down to accessorize, we've rounded up some of our favorite ways to let our true nerd colors shine. After all, geek is chic!

1. Computer Keyboard Necklace ($20): You know what this would go perfectly with? A mini Macbook mirror! At 4 inches wide, this keyboard is just big enough to be legible and just teeny enough that you can pair it with a few other long necklaces for a hip layered look.

2. I Heart Polaroids ($15): Polaroids, come back! Pretty pretty please? Show your love for our favorite instant film with this charming charm. And if you're looking for a DIY, may we suggest hunting down some iZone film and making a scratch-off?

3. ASCII Necklace ($130): A fancier take on geeky accessories, this ASCII heart depicts your most romantic of sentiments in the engineer-iest way possible.

4. JPEG Necklace ($20): We have to quote Photojojo on this one. "Masons have secret handshakes, conspiracy theorists have secret symbols. We photographers have our own secret code words, lingo that only serious snappers recognize." Show your love of digital photography with this light laser-cut acrylic number.

5. Silver <3 Band ($55 and $40): Another "less than three" ode to love, this pair of sterling silver bands is oh-so-sweet.

6. Binary Code Necktie ($19): Nerd alert, for real! If you're an engineer looking to get a little fancy, let your nerdiness out with this code-tastic tie.

7. Braced Lets ($5): It's finally happened. Rubber bands for braces are not only getting repurposed, but they're looking pretty darn chic. If only these were around in our middle school days!

8. Classic Casio Chrome Watch ($20): The Casio will never go out of style. Sometimes it will be nerdy, sometimes it will be convenient for travel, and sometimes you'll try to steal it from your dad (true story).

9. Circuit Board Cuff Links ($49): What could possibly match a Binary Code necktie better than a pair of Circuit Board Cuff Links?

10. Lego Brick Ring ($5): Time for a little retro geekery! Yes, this is begging for a DIY but at $5 a pop we can't resist snatching up a few Lego rings in our favorite bright hues.

11. Sterling Silver @ Ring ($86): Hello there @! Each of these cyber-chic rings is custom made to your ring size, and will definitely start up conversation at your next cocktail hour.

12. 8-Bit Heart ($40): This subtle sterling silver heart makes us think fondly of Brit's Pixel Cowboy wedding.

13. Rubik's Cube Pendant ($16): It's a necklace and the most classic visual puzzle. Best of all, this Rubik's cube is fully functional!

14. Lens Get Gorgeous Ring ($10): We always have to hand it to ModCloth for their love of word play. This tiny set of specs is a great combo of quirky and cute. We recommend pairing with a saucy librarian look. ;)

15. Control Earrings ($90): Whether you're looking at your keyboard, your iPhone, your Big Jambox, or your good old boom box (analog points!), you know these 6 buttons and you know them well.

16. Sterling Lens Cuff ($190): Another piece found by our friends at Photojojo, this wearable piece of photo art is designed to look just like an aperture ring.

Bonus: Leica Wedding Bands (Custom): Less a buyable product, and more an awesome idea, this gorgeous wedding band was commissioned for a photographer known as The Leica Guy by his wife, The Leica Lady. We love the attention to detail, from the Leica typeface to the lens model and depth-of-field markings.

How do you let your nerdiest colors shine? Tweet at us with pics of your favorite ways to go geek!