It may not be Galentine’s Day yet, but these mugs are so rad we’re going to start the party early. And really, do you need an excuse to nerd out over TV’s best and baddest women? Stock up for all your warm beverage/cold weather needs with this adorable collection — and pick up a few for your girlfriends, too! With these mugs, nerdery never looked so cute.

1. Leslie Knope Mug ($15) There’s no better bestie on TV than Parks + Rec’s Leslie Knope. Who better to share a cup of hot cocoa with? With extra whipped cream, obvi. And also, waffles.

2. Dana Scully Mug ($15) Put on your power pantsuit and take your coffee black with the FBI’s finest special agent, Dr. Dana Scully. The truth is out there.

3. Liz Lemon Mug ($15) Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party because a Liz Lemon party is mandatory. Use this mug for your Sabor de Soledad. We won’t judge.

4. Xena Mug ($15) You don’t even need to have actually watched Xena: Warrior Princess to appreciate the awesomeness of this mug. Swords. Armor. Just the inspiration for a kick-ass day.

5. Buffy Summers Mug ($15) She slays vampires and she rocks some of the most amazing ‘90s fashion, ever. Not only would she make an excellent Halloween costume, but she can also keep you and your late-night tea company. And safe.

What do you think of these homage mugs? Tell us who we’re missing and who you’re dying to share your coffee with below!