While we just found out about everything that’s coming to Netflix next month (along with everything that’s leaving our fave streaming service), Netflix joined up with Dave Chappelle for a HUGE announcement. And though we always like to hear about exciting viewing-potential in the works, we can’t help but notice there’s something totally intriguing about the timing.

Dave Chappelle

First things first: Netflix decided today was the perfect time to announce that not one, not two, but THREE new Dave Chappelle comedy specials are on the way. With no deets on what the subject of each special will be or when we’ll be able to catch them, this is still totally exciting.

And while we’re totally psyched over this news (seriously, who doesn’t need a good laugh these days?!), there’s also something specific to note about the timing. When Republican George W. Bush won the presidential election back in 2001, Dave decided it was time for a hiatus. Stepping back from the stage, he basically disappeared from public life.

Now, Chappelle has decided it’s time for a comeback (i.e. the three Netflix specials) right as Republican President-Elect Trump is set to take office. Though Dave chose to shy away from the sticky political sitch in his way back in the day, perhaps this time he has something (or A LOT of things) to say.

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(h/t Complex; photos via Jason Merritt, Chad Buchanan/Getty)