While there鈥檚 plenty to be concerned about after last week鈥檚 election results 鈥 what will happen to Michelle Obama鈥檚 vegetable garden?Will women鈥檚 issues be affected?Will we continued to see waves of turmoil across the country? 鈥 we can at least offer one way to make you smile. Though some of your laughs may be on the snarky side, we can guarantee a few genuine giggles, because these Obama and Biden memes are just what you need for a little post-election therapy.

Plenty focus on the two pals themselves鈥

While some are all about Joe鈥檚 defiance in the face of the sitch鈥

And some take aim at Trump (natch)鈥

Pence wasn鈥檛 safe either鈥

It鈥檚 really just a bit of fun鈥



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(Photo via Alex Wong/Getty)