While we鈥檙e still eagerly awaiting the return of Kimmy Schmidt and the revival of the Gilmore Girls (not to mention cuing up our May binge-watching schedule) Netflix has made our day by announcing their next mega-hit, and OMG! Keeping the momentum going after聽the popularity of Daredevil, the show鈥檚 gritty anti-hero is getting his own series. That鈥檚 right, TV-lovin鈥 ladies, the Punisher is getting a spin-off.

Daredevil _ the Punisher

Frank Castle, the dark and wildly intriguing man who roams the streets as the Punisher, taking down baddies with a no-holds-barred kinda attitude, is not quite the straight-forward hero, but with a heartbreaking backstory winning you over and a justice-seeking mission, it鈥檚 hard not to see the Punisher as your next anti-hero crush.

Daredevil cast _ the Punisher

The long-time member of the comic book world, newly introduced to Netflix viewers alongside Charlie Cox鈥 Daredevil, the vicious man in black is played by Jon Bernthal (who you might remember from The Walking Dead), leaving聽no doubt that this will be the next streaming mega-hit.

No release date has been set, but we鈥檒l be watching out for that the way the Punisher looks out for bad dudes.

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(h/t Vulture, photos via Patrick Harbron/Netflix)