If you kicked off 2015 with long hair, chances are that at some point between then and now, you cut it into a long bob (aka lob). And why wouldn’t you have? The cut’s not-so-scary length — barely brushing your collar bone — seemingly flatters just about every face shape while being a no-brainer to style (the messier, the better). Whether you’re a real girl or a celebrity, it’s the way to look effortlessly chic. But no matter how made-for-each-other you and your lob are, sometimes a girl gets bored with her look, especially as we move from summer into fall. You’re switching up your clothes, accessories and hair color, so why not switch up that cut for the new season as well?

If you’re feeling like it’s time to leave the lob behind for now, we’ve got the inspo for your next ‘do right here. We asked Nicole Brown, Owner and Creative Director of Tailored Salon in San Francisco and former Assistant Creative Director and Educator for Vidal Sassoon, for six on-trend ways to spice up your lob for fall, and her suggestions are just the jolts we hoped for. From a super subtle update to a completely new, yet just-as-buzzed-about cut, read on for the lob alternatives you should be asking your hairstylist for this fall.


1. Swag It Up: “Get away from the heavy, almost one length look of your lob and layer it up. Short textured layers and fringe could really bring out the badass in you — just take a look at Carly Rae Jepsen’s punky, piecey short swag, which is flattering on any face shape and works with any type of hair texture. Why? Its texture is not harsh and all those short layers help open up the face.” (Photo via @carlyraejepsen)


2. Add Face Framing Layers: “If you’re feeling like something a little less dramatic, add shorter layers around your face to soften your look. The shift from lob to layered lob is so uplifting — it feels like it takes away 10 years off of your face — and adds instant texture. That means it gives super straight hair movement and bounce and brings out the texture in wavy hair, like Chrissy Teigen’s.” (Photo via @chrissteigen)


3. Go for the Deep Side Part: “If Donald Trump was ever going to be in style, this is the only way! A deep side part gives you an entirely new look without ever having to cut off length if you don’t want (it looks great on shorter hair too, like Kristen Wiig’s length). If you have thin hair or layers, your hair will lay flatter to your face naturally. If you have thick hair but want to get the same sleek look, pin the heavy side to hold it in place.” (Photo via Andrew H. Walker/Getty)


4. Own the Undercut: “Feel like being secretly cool? The undercut is perfect for you (business on top and party underneath!), especially if you have thick hair — it minimizes the density in the hair, which makes it less poofy and easier to style. Wear your hair back or up like Demi Lovato and make a statement like that.” (Photo via @ddlovato)

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5. Snip Heavy Fringe: “So the lob was short enough for you. If you’re looking to keep the length intact (or grow back your tresses) but still want to feel a change, go for long, heavy fringe. Thick, straight across fringe, like Kerry Washington’s, will frame your face in a totally new way. If you want a less severe look, opt for long, loose fringe that feels more French girl.” (Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)

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6. Chop It into a Long Pixie: “If the lob wasn’t enough, then go for a long pixie like Kate Mara’s or for something edgier, Ruby Rose’s cut (so hot!). If it’s cut right, it’s really a wash-and-wear type of hairstyle perfect for girls on the go.” (Photo via Michael Buckner/Getty)

What ways are you changing up your hair for fall? Or are you a one-hairstyle kind of gal? Tell us which celebs are your fall hair muses in the comments below.

(Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)