It’s not just any Friday, you guys. It’s the first weekend of October, which means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween — what are ya gonna be? What treats are ya gonna make? — just don’t let your makeup reflect that holiday *quite* yet. Instead, think about how you can easily bounce between different looks depending on where your plans take you. Trust us: It can be done, especially when you get the 411 from us about what new makeup to wear this weekend. Get ready to look fab all weekend long, starting the second the clock strikes 6PM TODAY — or earlier if you’re still soaking up the glory of summer Fridays — with the only three makeup products you need to survive through Sunday.


What Makeup to Wear Friday Night: Your Desk-to-Dinner Look


A punchy lip color instantly steps up your daytime look to nighttime with one single swipe on your lips — what’s easier than that? Find a lipstick formula you love (and trust when it comes to its long-wearing powers). Pack one of Lily Lolo’s Natural Lipsticks ($9) in your bag and get ready to have your vibe transformed to something that’s more after-hours appropriate. Now isn’t the time to be shy, so choose a shade that’s way different than what your coworkers are used to seeing you rock everyday.

What Makeup to Wear Saturday Night: Your Night O.U.T. Look


Get your glow on, girrrrl, and shine bright like a diamond under the… dazzling lights of a nightclub. You don’t want to look like a shiny disco ball, but a night out on the town calls for some strategically placed illuminator. We love theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer ($24) for this (Pro tip: It also doubles as a gorgeous, brightening eyeshadow). Swipe it on your cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose and dance the night away with your #squad.

What Makeup to Wear Sunday: Your Brunch With Your Besties Look


Brunch means people will be sitting in close proximity to you, staring at you, listening to you discuss brunch topics… so your brows need to be on POINT. If you have sparse brows like many people do, amp them up with Toppik Brow Building Fibers ($20).The three-piece set has everything you need to keep your brows on fleek: Not only does it enhance the color and shape, but it actually makes your brows appear fuller.

What are your go-to weekend beauty products? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.