Things have certainly been moving fast and furiously since Nick Viall was announced as the next Bachelor. Not only has filming already begun (the sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes action have been getting us giddy), but the ladies are apparently already fighting hard for Nick’s devotion. Proof of that: We already have one lady in a wedding veil, and that’s not all.

Nick Viall

35-year-old Nick, who’s already lost out of (televised) love three times before this, certainly has his fingers crossed that, as the Bachelor, he’ll finally find the love of his life sooner rather than later. And if the pics that are being shared by producer Mike Fleiss tell us anything, it’s that things are certainly moving fast this time around.

By the looks of it, the ladies seem to be getting comfy and cozy while diving deep into the mansion-based socializing (or, rather, drama-stirring awesomeness).

And what’s this? A helicopter hovering over a hot tub? Oh so Bachelor-esque. We wonder if all the ladies will be getting this treatment, or if a select few will be chosen for the added adventure.

Then BAM! We have a lady in a wedding veil. We have to assume no one’s getting married quite yet (though a sudden barefoot wedding certainly would be a whopper of a surprise). We’re gonna guess one of the first challenges is wedding-themed. Very interesting, indeed.

Though we have to wait until 2017 to see Nick and his ladies in action, if we keep getting sneak peeks like this, the wait will be almost as fun as checking out the show itself.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Joe Scarnici/Getty)