Mixing up a workout routine with a new top here, some post-workout treats there and new goals everywhere is important for staying excited (and committed!) to your fitness. Fresh gear and gadgets to reinvigorate your routine or reward yourself when hitting a new PR go a long way in the results department. We’re sharing this season’s best new fitness products for keeping your game on the up and up.


1. Ahnu YogaSport Sneakers ($110): Made for the line’s new signature workout, these sneakers work just as well for circuit training, kettlebells, TRX and barre fusion classes that require equal parts structure and flexibility. They even get bonus points for being totally vegan!


2. Square Bar Chocolate Coated Almond Spice ($3): The Almond Spice bar is packed with 12 grams of high-quality protein and is completely dairy and gluten free.

Ten Toes Lifestyle 2

3 . Ten Toes: 8′ theNANO (starting at $479): Yes, eight feet is “nano” in the world of paddle boards, and might still seem way too big for a city abode. But Ten Toes’ clever inflatable paddle boards can be rolled up and easily stored on a closet shelf, then rolled out and inflated when you’re ready for a weekend of SUP yoga on the lake.

LifeStyle- Warrior

4. Kira Grace Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank ($78): The new Warrior collection features unexpected details that will get you pumped to get to class. The Warrior T-Back Yoga Tank is moisture wicking, with moderate support and a built-in shelf bra to hold it all together while you Chaturanga like a boss.

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5. Slipins (From $68): Workout onesies are the dresses of the fitness world. It’s a one-piece outfit with no matching separates required before hitting the box, shala or pool. The new Slipins come in full leg and leotard styles.


6. Hytail Hat ($259): Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make the biggest difference. Not having to smush your hair into an awkward low bun to play tennis with friends is a dream we never knew we had. A favorite of pro-tennis player Vania King, the new Hytail hat has its cap-gap at the crown of the head, rather than the base, so you can let your high pony swing freely on the court or off.


7. Outdoor Voice Crop Bra ($50): Indie activewear brand Outdoor Voices has released the cutest hybrid workout top around: the crop bra! It’s part crop top, part sports bra and totally adorable.


8. Beet Performer ($34 for 12): Looking for a natural energy boost before a workout? Beets are used in this performance drink because they are rich in heart-healthy vitamins and filled with nitrates that help get oxygen to your muscles. Taken before a workout, the natural beet sugars provide a nice little boost of energy to get you going too.


9. Zubits (From $20): Magnetic shoe lace closures are made to snap in and hold your laces in place so you can focus on making your race time… and so you don’t trip over your laces walking the dog.


10. Long-Talon Leg Warmers ($55): Stay warm before and after yoga with Pavepara’s adorable and finely made merino wool Long-Talon leg warmers. A portion of the proceeds are donated to bird conservation. (Photo via @pavepara)


11. The Running Buddy ($30): Strap on this little hold-all pouch and stash your ID, cash and keys to leave your hands free for running and hiking.


12. Hydaway Bottle($20): This collapsible water bottle fits perfectly into your hike pack. It’s also a handy emergency cup that’s easily hidden inside a purse.

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13. DripDrop ($10): These little lemony packets contain crazy amounts of electrolytes, with half the sugar of typical sports drinks. They’re great for lengthy hot yoga classes and heavy lifting days.

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14. Hair Warrior ($24): Silky hair and a healthy bod should not be mutually exclusive, which is why Hair Warrior has developed a pre-workout hair product to repair and prevent follicle damage from heat caused by exercise. Argan oil and jojoba oils, green tea and other botanicals work to strengthen and smooth hair.


15. Zerosweat ($15): Sweaty pits have met their ultimate match. This antiperspirant offers an unheard-of seven days of protection per use, and one bottle lasts up to two months.


16. Smart Rope ($90): Here’s an LED-filled smart jumprope that shows you your workout data, IN MID-AIR. And, in case you were wondering, yes, it can track double-unders.


17. Fitbit Surge ($250): FitBit’s newest, best-yet fitness tracker is ah-mazing. Aside from the hardware updates, what’s gotten us so jazzed is its newest feature. The Surge can detect when you exercise and what type of exercise it is, automatically logging your movement into your day’s data. No more initiating exercise mode in the app!

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18. Garmin Index Smart Scale ($150): This is the newest smart scale out there. It can give you all the health info you never knew you could get without leaving home: BMI, bone mass, muscle mass and body-fat percentage.

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