Resolutions? Psh, toss ’em out the window. New skills are definitely the place to focus your attention in the new year. While those sometimes unrealistic resolutions can put a lot of pressure on you (and imply that something is lacking), a quest for new things to learn in the new year is nothing but an enhancement of the already super fabulous you. We’ve gathered 12 of our favorites that are sure to bring a boost of creativity and confidence in 2016. Check ’em out and get to making, babes!


1. Watercolor Illustration Class and Kit ($58): Store-bought cards or prints? No thank you. This class and kit will both teach you and provide you with everything you need to make your very own personalized watercolor illustrations.


2. Jewelry Making Class and Kit ($41): If you’ve been seeing gorgeous knotted jewelry around and thought to yourself, “I bet I could do that,” you totally can! This class and kit combo will teach you everything you need to do so. Yas, kween!


3. Leatherworking Class and Kit ($75): From picking out the leather to finishing and stitching the tray, you’ll learn everything there is to know about leatherworking in this class for beginners.


4. LED Electronics Class ($41): Atoms, currents and circuits, oh my! If you’re curious about what makes electricity tick, this class will reveal it all.


5. Quilting Class and Kit ($117): Never again will you be limited to store-bought quilts again. After this class, your imagination is the limit for what you can stitch up and stay cozy with this winter.


6. Screen Printing Class and Kit ($58): From posters to cards and so much in between, this screen printing class has it all. Once you learn how to screen print, anything and everything that is printed will be just a quick stamp and swish away.


7. Sketching Class and Kit ($66): If you’ve ever seen someone on the subway or at a coffee shop sketching away and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I could do that,” now you can! In this class you’ll even work your way up to shadows.


8. Block Printing Class and Kit ($75): From sketch to stamp to printable file, you’re only one class away from customizing everything when it comes to fabrics (think scarves, dish rags and more!).


9. Cake Baking Class and Kit ($101): While baking can be daunting, this class makes it a cinch — it’s geared toward beginners, so it’ll take you through everything from baking the actual cake to making your own frosting and decorating with fondant.


10. Coding Class ($39): This class is your ticket to the world wide web. It’ll guide you through how to take your idea from a webpage to a website in no time at all.


11. Flower Arranging Class ($19): It’s not random: There’s an art to arranging flowers, and this class breaks it down for you. Just don’t blame us when all of your friends ask you to do the flowers for their weddings, okay?

hand lettering

12. Hand Lettering Class and Kit ($54): Goodbye, fonts! This class will have you whipping up your own adorable and stylized typefaces before you know it.

What new skills are you planning on picking up in 2016? Let us know on Twitter!