In between poppin’ the bubbly and decking ourselves out in our best glitter outfits, we’re also looking forward to making those New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are all about helping us reach those personal goals we’ve always dreamed about… including mastering new skills and conquering old fears. This 2015, push yourself further and reach higher than ever before with these 10 suggestions for new things that you can teach yourself this year.

1. Learn a New Instrument: Do you still regret quitting piano when you were a teenager? Convinced you could be the next Taylor Swift if you only had the guitar skills? Now is the time to pick up an instrument.

2. Learn New, Healthier Habits: It’s not just about dropping the holiday weight or losing X number of pounds. Take the time now to develop healthy habits that will last you all year long and won’t make you feel miserable.

3. Cook Something Amazing from Scratch… Without a Recipe: You should always have one or two dishes you can easily whip up without needing to rifle through all your cookbooks or scour the Internet. Pick a classic like mac and cheese, study a few recipes and really dedicate yourself to knocking out your own signature version.

4. Cook Something Amazing from Scratch (With a Recipe): By the same token, you should also feel comfortable with at least one show-stopping dish you can count on for a dinner party. It’s okay if you need to use a recipe for this one — no one can be a super chef all the time.

5. Learn a New Tech Skill: Whether you learn to code, challenge yourself to build an app or design your own personal website, now is the time to know your way around a computer.

6. Take up a New Activity: Sign up for that Zumba class you always wanted to try, or get back into pilates or yoga. Whatever activity you enjoy for exercise, make a commitment to get involved in it again for the new year.

7. Learn a New Craft: Always wanted to learn how to knit? Grab yourself a skein of yarn in your favorite color and start teaching yourself! Whether it’s jewelry making, painting or something completely new, make time for developing crafty DIY skills.

8. Learn a New Language: There are so many online schools that will help you get started with learning the languages you’ve dreamed of speaking. Reward your efforts with a trip to the country where the language originated!

9. Take Up a New Hobby: Photography, writing or maybe just walking around neighborhoods: Make time for whatever’s been calling out to you this past year that you haven’t had time to pursue.

10. Learn Something New About Yourself: You’re amazing, but we’re all guilty of forgetting just how awesome we are from time to time. Push yourself to do something you were convinced you couldn’t do, then feel like a champion when you finally accomplish it. That pride will carry over into everything else you do.

Do these ideas inspire you to get out there and learn something new? Tell us which ones you’re excited to try in the comments below!