2015 is closing out, and 2016 is right around the corner. If you’re tired of going out or simply want the chance to ensure that everyone you know and love has the best start to the new year, hostessing is the way to go. Once you’ve knocked the cases of bubbly and creative NYE cocktail recipes off your to-do list, we’ve got a few more items that are up your alley. Scroll on for some party must-haves that will bring ease and joy to your NYE party planning.

goat cheese

1. Goat Cheese Kit ($29): Got an appetite for appetizers? Make your own with this DIY goat cheese kit. Not only will you indulge your guests with the best cheese on the planet, but you’ll also dazzle them with the fact that you made it yo’ fly self.


2. Cocktail Glasses ($56): Once the drinks flow out of the shaker, this set of four glasses is the spot for them to land. Glittery, gold and reminiscent of champagne bubbles, they’re pure NYE perfection.


3. Hot Toddy Stirrers ($20): Stir up the fun with these four tongue-in-cheek drink stirrers. They let your guests know that they look as great as they feel on this special night.

whiskey mixer

4. Whiskey Mixer ($11): Nothing pairs with gold like whiskey. Take it to the next level with this delicious mixer featuring cherry, black currant and anise notes. YAS.


5. Golden Flask ($15): All things gold are in on New Year’s Eve, this flask included. If you’ve made yummy drinks, there’s no reason to not take a bit with you to the next party — and take them in style — with this glam hip flask.

kombucha kit

6. DIY Kombucha Kit ($45): Whip up some kombucha for a delectable digestive treat for your non-drinking guest, or mix it with a little vodka and you’ve got one yummy cocktail on your hands.

led lights

7. String Lights ($15): Lights, lights and more lights: You simply can’t have enough perfectly dim lighting in preparation for the clock striking midnight and the stream of kisses that will follow.

letter balloons

8. Letter Balloons ($12): Spell out absolutely anything you’d like with these killer letter balloons. Their metallic copper hue is pure perfection in a NYE color scheme.

love letter

9. Love Letter Cards ($20): Instead of sending thank you notes to your guests, why not send love letters? This pack of eight cards is elegantly perfect.


10. Drink Shaker ($54): If there ever was a drink shaker that was made for a New Year’s party, this one is certainly it. Dazzle your guests with yummy cocktails flowing out of this beautiful, golden shaker.

glitter cake pops

11. Glitter Cake Pops ($36): If you’re looking for a glittery dessert to top off your NYE dinner party, this set of six cake pops is certainly it. They’re fun, bite-sized and festive — all boxes checked.


12. Geometric Coasters ($20): The gold rush continues with these fabulous geometric coasters. Golden drinks call for golden coasters on the special day when one year transcends into the next.


13. Glam Cam ($89): Treat yourself to this glamorous camera as a gift to yourself for making it another year around the sun. 2016 is looking good — capture it all.

ball cascade kit

14. Cascading Strands Kit ($24): These cascading felt balls are adorable, and they compliment gold and black hues perfectly. They’re so cute, we almost guarantee they’ll be up in your place well into 2016.

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