Our online shopping cart is loaded with glitter, poppers and tons of confetti… yep, the new year is just around the corner! If you’ve got the hostess itch and want to plan the New Year’s Eve party that will ring in 2016 for you and your crew, check out these 13 party essentials that are sure to help the good times roll. Add a case of bubbly, and you’re all set!


1. Bellini Tassel Garland ($35): Deck the halls of your fab NYE bash with this Bellini-themed tassel garland and you’ve got just the right amount of color and sparkle to ring in 2016.

cheers balloons

2. Calligraphy Balloons ($6): Glam it up with this set of three calligraphy balloons. Gorgeous calligraphy is all the rage. With the gold-on-black approach, these beauties are the perfect NYE party touch.

confetti kit

3. DIY Confetti Balloons Kit ($36): Make your own confetti balloons with this kit. It’s got everything you need to hit the ground running with glorious, begging-to-be-popped party balloons.

custom topper

4. Custom Cake Topper ($20): Say anything you want with this customizable cake topper. Ring in 2016, celebrate a friend’s coinciding birthday or simply say sayonara to 2015 and see what the next year brings.

eco confetti

5. Eco-Friendly Confetti ($26): Confetti is great, litter is not. This set of three eco-friendly confetti bursts solves that conundrum. Made of “eco-fetti” and lavender, this gorgeous mix dissolves in a little bit of water.

elephant weight

6. Elephant Balloon Weight ($8): If you’ve got balloons, you’ve gotta have something to keep ’em tethered to the earth. Skip a boring rock or regular old paper weight — this elephant balloon weight scores just as high in style as it does in function.


7. Cocktail Glasses ($56): This set of four cocktail glasses was practically made for NYE. The fading golden dot pattern is stylish on any day, but positively perfect for New Year’s celebrations. Just imagine it filled with a bit of bubbly, echoing the design on the outside.

hells yeah

8. Hells Yeah Balloon ($5): Because why not? A new year is about to be upon us, and there’s no reason to welcome it with anything less than slightly over-the-top enthusiasm, which this balloon brings brilliantly.

LED wire lights

9. LED Wire Lights ($15): When the clock strikes midnight and it’s time for those NYE kisses, the last thing anyone wants is too much light. Voila — these wire LED lights are party perfection. They add just a bit of glow that makes everyone look their best without drowning out the mystery of the dark.

metallic flask

10. Metallic Gold Flask ($15): Keep the party going wherever you are with this little guy. You can let others sample your delicious drinks at every party you stop by.

number toppers

11. Reusable Number Cake Toppers ($45): Number cake toppers are almost essential for NYE, and reusable ones are definitely the way to go. Once 2016 has arrived, these babies are prefect for birthdays, anniversaries and so much more.

NYE headbands

12. NYE Headbands ($22): This set of four headbands was made for 2016… literally! Add them to your festivities for a little extra flair and excitement for what’s to come.

pop fizz

13. Pop Fizz Clink Balloons ($5): This set of three balloons captures the pop of confetti, the fizz of bubbly and the clink of glasses that all come together at a NYE bash. These balloons are simply too perfect to pass up.

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