The countdown to 2016 is officially *ON*. Grab your kiddos, put on your best sequin dress + sparkly NYE accessories and crank up the tunes, because it’s time for a New Year’s Eve celebration: toddler edition. While the little ones might not be able to see the clock strike midnight, there are still a ton of other ways to make the holiday fun + exciting for them. From a fruity mocktail to gold glittered donuts, your kid will go crazy for every one of the 10 treats below.


1. Gold Glitter Donuts: Your box of glazed donuts just got a major upgrade thanks to edible gold glitter. Keep a mirror nearby because the little ones will get a kick out of seeing their lips covered in sparkles. (Photo via Jennifer Xu Photography)

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2. White Chocolate Dipped Cherries: Something as simple as melted white chocolate and silver pearls goes a long way in dressing up dessert. Add the pearls to the cherries while the chocolate is still wet and chill in the fridge until party time. If you’re worried about the kiddos dealing with the cherry pits, use strawberries instead. (via Simple Provisions)


3. Crescent Party Poppers: Use a can of store-bought crescent rolls to make this festive dessert in under an hour. Filled with mini chocolate chips and covered in sprinkles, these party poppers are the perfect slightly sweet snack you won’t mind your kiddos eating before bed. (via Pillsbury)


4. Gold Shimmer Meringues: A coat of edible gold spray paint (yes, this is a thing!) is all you’ll need to get a box of plain white meringues ready for the party. When you’re done, you can check both the dessert and decor off your to-do list. (via Kristi Murphy)


5. Sparkling Jello Push Pops: This is going to be your kid’s new favorite way to eat Jell-o. Combine sparkling fruit juice and unflavored gelatin and pour in plastic push pop molds. Using the molds keeps hands from getting sticky (and it’s just plain fun to eat), but you could totally do it in small clear plastic cups too. Just pass out spoons and dig in. (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)


6. Cookies and Milk Shots: Pass out chocolate chip cookies and shot glasses filled with milk right before the ball drops. Get the milk ready ahead of time and stick the whole tray in the fridge so it’s ready to go. The last thing you want is to miss the big moment because you were in the kitchen. (via Style Me Pretty)


7. Gold Glitter Fortune Cookies: Make your own fortune cookies with a saying like “You’re going to rock 2016” or buy a bag of pre-filled ones. Either way, gold sprinkles and more of that awesome edible spray paint are what makes these so cool. Get all your little guests to crack open theirs at the same time and have everyone read theirs aloud. (via I Spy DIY)


8. Gold Glitter Cake Pops: Ring in the new year with sparkling bite-sized balls of lemon cake covered in gold + silver sprinkles. The key to this dessert is to keep all the formed cake balls in the refrigerator and work on dipping and decorating them one at a time. (via Celebrations)


9. Countdown Cupcakes: The clock cake toppers steal the show here, so feel free to make the cupcakes as simple or as intricate as you want. Use a food-safe pen to draw the clock faces on the cream side of a dozen Oreos and rest them on the frosting. Save the other halves of the cookies for the next time you need a chocolatey pie crust. (via Somewhat Simple)


10. New Year’s Mocktails: No New Year’s Eve party is complete with out a fun cocktail (or in this case a mocktail). You can totally put together a whole tray of these in seconds since you only need sparkling fruit juice and rock candy to use as festive swizzle sticks. (via Modern Parent Messy Kids)

How are you celebrating NYE with your little ones? Snap a pic and use the hashtag #iamcreative on Instagram so we can see!