You know that moment when James Bond asks for his drink “shaken, not stirred”? Well, no offense to Mr. Bond, but some drinks just need to be stirred and, besides, swizzle sticks are insanely fun and adorable! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 35 cocktail stirrers that you can buy and DIY to dress up your drinks at your next event.

1. Geometric Swizzle Sticks ($30 for 10): Neon colors, glitter, and cocktails? Count us so in.

2. Chalkboard Stir Sticks: Incorporating chalkboard into your event makes entertaining easy and trendy. With these stir sticks, you can label the drinks being served or make sure that guests aren’t mixing up their glasses. (via Poppy Magazine)

3. Chevron Cocktail Stirrers: This simple paper project creates pretty stirrers that’ll add just an accent of chevron to your tablescape. (via Smitten on Paper)

4. Drink Me Swizzle Sticks ($31 for 25): We can never resist an Alice in Wonderland reference. These would be perfect at a literary-themed wedding… or just a book club meeting!

5. Tinsel Drink Stirrers: Reminiscent of fireworks, these swizzle sticks are simple yet glitzy. They’d look great against mainly black and white decor. (via Odessa May Society)

6. DIY Mismatched Stir Sticks: This quirky collection of stirrers is a fun way for guests to be able to tell which drink is theirs without name tags. (via Celebrations at Home)

7. Patriotic Flag Stirrers: We’re loving this take on patriotic decor and we’re definitely bookmarking it for next 4th of July — although they’d also be fun for a backyard barbeque before it gets too cold! (via Everything Fabulous)

8. Cocktail Cocktail Stirrers ($10 for 10): Are these meta enough for you? The acrylic heads of these stirrers are shaped like fun cocktails and we’re loving their whimsical nature.

9. Golden Heart Stirrers: These gilded hearts are simple and pretty and so easy to make that you could whip up just two for next date night! (via Julep.)

10. Cupcake Liner Swizzle Sticks: Repurpose party supplies into, well, party supplies! Use your leftover cupcake liners to create pretty fringe cocktail stirrers. (via Studio DIY)

11. All Spaced Out Swizzle Sticks ($12): Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! These futuristic stirrers are perfect for the geek inside all of us.

12. Parasol Stirrers: What’s better than getting an umbrella in your drink? Getting an umbrella handmade in pretty patterns that doubles as a drink stirrer! (via Black Oak Vintage)

13. Instagram Stirrers: Decorate your drinks with fun memories while reminding your guests to share their photos. Include your hashtag so that you can find all the pictures later. (via Ruffled)

14. Wood Heart Drink Stirrers ($10 for 10): These remind us of carving your initials into a tree trunk and it’s adorable. We’re huge fans of using wood in weddings and we think these are a perfect candidate for the signature drink at your reception!

15. Beet Dyed Stirrers: Who knew beet juice could dye skewers these pretty shades of red? We’re digging the natural look of these ones. (via Project Wedding Blog)

16. “On Par” Golf Club Swizzle Sticks ($22 for 6): Craving a John Daly or Arnold Palmer? What better way to stir them up than with these golf club swizzle sticks?

17. Safari Swizzle Sticks: These are a must have for all you party animals out there… and they’re crazy easy to make! (via Brit + Co.)

18. Ombre Cocktail Stirrers: Ombre is always a pretty touch and we’re loving this soft pink version. (via A Fabulous Fete)

19. Pinwheel Drink Stirrers: What is it about pinwheels that makes us want to pour a tall glass of lemonade and sit on the front porch? At least these give us a way to stir up our lemonade ;) (via Domestikated Life)

20. Glitter Dot Swizzle Sticks: OMG, that glitter rainbow is to die for! We’re loving the idea of making these in all different colors to pop against a white table. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

21. Letterpress Stirrers ($10 for 8): Bottoms up! These fun stirrers are a great way to add a touch of typography and humor into your decor.

22. Rose Gold Heart Swizzle Sticks: Have you got a heart of (rose) gold? These swizzle sticks are minimalist and gorgeous! (via The Flair Exchange)

23. Washi Cocktail Stirrers: Washi tape is a great go-to when you’re trying to add a pop of color to your event. These stirrers are waving the washi flag and it’s adorable. (via Brit + Co.)

24. Glitzy Cocktail Stirrers: Take a gift bow and make these curly and glitzy stirrers. Great for New Year’s Eve or any other cocktail party where you want to up the glam factor! (via Coordinately Yours)

25. Hipstirs (currently unavailable): We’re super bummed that these are no longer for sale, but we couldn’t resist including them. A play on “hipsters,” these hip-stirs are drink stir sticks shaped like hip bones. Awesome!

26. Baby Shower Drink Stirrers: These clay drink stirrers are super cute for a baby shower but could also be easily switched up to suit whatever your event is. They’re made with cookie cutters! (via One Charming Party)

27. Photo Drink Sticks: Throwing a surprise birthday party? Put the guest of honor’s face on the swizzle sticks! We especially love this if your friend has a favorite cocktail that you’re serving at the event. (via Sugar and Charm)

28. Mustache Kraft Paper Stirrers ($.75): Have we got any hipsters out there? We’re just gonna leave these mustache stirrers right here…

29. Doily Stirrer: Delicate and feminine, these doily stirrers would be great at a brunch. Mimosas anyone? (via 100 Layer Cake)

30. Sequined Swizzle Sticks: The key to crafting with sequins is not to go overboard. This project incorporates just the right amount of glamour into a simple stirrer that’ll add some sparkle to your decor. (via Freutcake)

31. Beach Ball Drink Stirrers: Summer’s just ending but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop dreaming of those long days and warm nights! These beach balls transport us to having fun in the sand and we’re loving it. (via Studio DIY)

32. Pushpin Swizzle Sticks ($12 for 8): How cute would these be for a work happy hour? Stir up your martini and add an olive; just don’t tell Bond ;)

33. Bow Tie Stirrers: These drinks are all dressed up with nowhere to go. Guess you’ll just have to drink ‘em up! (via Popcosmo)

34. Glitter Tape Cocktail Stirrers: Another sparkly addition, we’re loving the simplicity of these flag stirrers and their use of richly colored glitter tape. (via The Flair Exchange)

35. MistyStix ($35 for 25): Ok, we saved the best for last. These swizzle sticks have a spot for you to insert dry ice… so when you add them to your drink you get an awesome smoke effect. It’s like the way cooler version of renting a smoke machine. And the dry ice cools your drink without diluting it! We’re in love.

Which of these swizzle sticks are your fave? How do you dress up your booze? Talk to us in the comments below.