Verizon Wireless iPhone customers, there might be trouble in smartphone paradise. You know how we’ve gotten accustomed to upgrading our phones every two years because of those contracts that make us pay for iPhones, Androids etc at retail price if we break them? Well it appears those days are ending and the full retail price payment is gonna happen to everyone. So you may want to think twice about running out to get the upcoming iPhone instead of holding onto that paid-in-full one you’re currently carrying around.

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According to The Motley Fool article posted on Business Insider, Verizon is offering new data plans on Thursday that are open-ended and essentially “put an end to the illusion of $199 iPhones.” This new contract-free plan, which AT&T already is running through its Next program, means the phone company won’t take a hit from losing hundreds of dollars anymore through those subsidized two-year contract commitments from customers. Instead we will be either paying the full price of an iPhone upfront ($649+) or through a set number of monthly payments like a lease. Which is basically just another *type* of contract, no?!

Looks like dark days ahead for those eagerly anticipating the next iteration of the iPhone 3

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