Okay, slackers, it's Friday and you STILL haven't gotten your mom a gift, despite us having offered all kinds of ideas like these 20 DIY gifts or these 10 gifts available for 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

We get it. It was a busy week. It slipped your mind. Don't feel bad, we're multi-taskers, too. But we're also here to make sure you that you tell your mom how much you love her on Sunday.

Thus, we've rounded up four super duper last minute apps to use for sending your mom an awesome virtual gift this year:

1) Karma

Karma has basically been my go-to gifting app since it launched a few months ago. With a few clicks, I can use my phone to send friends or family any assortment of gifts from the Karma digital store as well as a virtual card to celebrate the occasion. The best part? Once they receive your gift, your recipient can exchange it for whatever else they want in the store without you ever even knowing! So, for example, if those new jeans you bought mom weren't carrying enough of the "Mom Jean spirit," she can always replace them with a planter or pretty necklace instead.

2) Wantful

Similar to Karma, Wantful is a way to let your recipient ultimately choose their own gift. You can use Wantful's gift suggestion guide to inform the site all about your giftee and her lifestyle preferences. Once done, you're able to choose 16 different potential gifts that you think your mom would enjoy. She will receive an email as well as an actual book (!) showcasing each gift option, and then can choose among them all. It's great for those who aren't quite sure what mom would actually enjoy (which, let's face it, is probably all of us).

3) Wrapp

If you aren't into choosing a gift, but know the stores your mom loves, your best bet is to give her a gift card. A new service called Wrapp (both a website and a mobile app) lets you do that in just a couple of clicks. You can choose stores ranging from Sephora to Gap to H&M and decide how much cash to dedicate to your mom's shopping spree. While you're there, pick up a gift card of your own! Wrapp is offering free gift cards as part of their targeted retailer campaigns. Check it out and see if you can scope any great deals.

4) Skillcrush

Okay, so maybe you already have a great gift for your mom, but you want to send her something virtual that's also free… enter Skillcrush, a new site that is aimed at increasing digital literacy — particularly among women. You can choose up to 5 terms to teach mom, ranging from CSS to IP Address. Before you know it, your mom will be using software jargon at the dinner table! What better gift than a mom who can speak your language? (Editor's Note: This site is kind of amazing for anyone that wants to beef up on their technical terms, not just moms.)

What other super duper last minute gifts are you getting your mom? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter. And to all of you moms reading this, Happy Mother's Day!