New York Fashion Week hasn’t even begun, and yet we’ve already found what might be the most awesome runway-ready collection you’ll see during these next handful of days. It’s a seven-piece line of sculptural, asymmetric designs created by Tel Aviv-based artist Noa Raviv, all with the help of her 3D printer.

Inspired by the chaos and order of the digital space, the 26-year-old designer recently told Motherboard that her black and white creations were initially formed by hacking a 3D rendering program with a series of “impossible commands” that essentially broke the software. The distorted graphs, which make up the morphing windowpane pattern and oversized embellishments on each of her garments, are the IRL results of her digital destruction.

It is Raviv’s intention to set the relationship status between the digital and analog processes (sewing, hand stitching, draping etc.) to “It’s Complicated,” but instead of coming off as tortured and fragmented, her garments flow. Whether it’s the clean palette that grounds the futuristic looks, especially with those minimal pops of orange and dusty blue, or the ink-like lines that give the compositions a fluid feeling, Raviv’s collection shows that one can find beauty in those in-between spaces.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen 3D printed garments hit the runway, this might be the most successful showing of high-tech couture so far. The dresses don’t just look totally on trend — sheer everything is IN on the red carpet — they look and feel completely wearable. Really, just imagine how much better T.Swift would have looked if she wore THIS bodysuit to the VMAs?

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(h/t Motherboard)