When you ask people who travel the world how they went about it, the first chapter of their story usually goes a little something like, 鈥淲ell, once my lease was up I sold everything I owned鈥︹ Typically when you ditch a traditional lifestyle you also leave behind a stable housing situation. Unless you can afford to book swanky hotels months in advance, you鈥檙e probably scrambling to find hostels that (most likely) don鈥檛 have bed bugs. But with more and more people calling multiple cities home, the housing market is now beginning to adapt with a revolutionary + nomatic sort of lease.

"This is how we Roam"

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The idea of a roaming lease was first conceptualized by Roam Co-Living (formerly known as Caravanserai), an all-inclusive living experience that allows you to bounce between their three (soon to be five) locations for $500 a week. While it might seem a little steep it should be noted that the price includes a private bedroom with a king-sized bed, a private bathroom, a shared kitchen, a shared co-working space, plus utilities, maintenance and WiFi. Most of the locations also have a pool, a media room and an event space. The photo of above is from their property in Bali.

PS, Roam charges per room not per person. So if you and a friend/partner want to travel together this could easily end up being cheaper than rent in some major metro cities.

Office life. Shoes or shirts, not required 鉂

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Roam boasts a sense of community through their common spaces and events, but if you鈥檙e looking for something that takes things a little further there is also Remote Year, a program that selects 75 professionals from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling and exploring 12 international cities together. Remote Year boasts many of the same amenities as Roam but offers more destinations and some prearranged activities and events you can participate in while traveling.

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Remote Year is about $3K more expensive than Roam, coming in at $27,000 to join for the year. But keep in mind, this price also includes all travel between destinations. And to be honest, $3K for 10 flights across the globe is actually kind of an amazing deal.

With 鈥渨ork from anywhere鈥 jobs becoming more and more common we鈥檙e only going to start seeing more and more of these sort of living arrangements. And we for one, CANNOT wait.

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