When it comes to your luscious locks, you probably have a few go-to hairstyles in your arsenal, whether it’s a sleek bun or a low knotted pony. But those styles can get old fast — like, really fast. The best way to breathe new life into your lackluster locks this season is by bringing back a tried-and-true style that’s been doing right by you since you were a kid. We’re talking about adult-approved school-age pigtails. While they may seem childish, Instababes across the web have been taking them to a whole other level with cool kid-inspired twists and braids. Want to jump on this trend? Here are 11 pigtail hairstyles that will update your tired tresses STAT.

1. Boho Princess: With a sun-kissed glow and stylish French braid pigtails, this beauty maven looks like she belongs at the California shore. Style your pigtails tight and right on shoulder-length strands in shades of honey and blonde.

2. Low Buns: When you don’t have time to braid all of your hair, opt for this quick and easy ‘do that screams effortlessly cool. French braid your bangs too for a seamless finish.

3. Double Dutch: Introducing the mega-pigtail. Thick-haired girls, this ‘do is for you! French braid your hair four times at the crown and then combine each section by braiding them together at the end.

4. Helix Twist: Bring the ’80s back with this crimp-tastic look. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this style is a must for the fall season thanks to its double helix design and must-copy texture.

5. Half Braid Pony: This style is great for active babes who like to keep things loose. After French braiding your tresses, tease the ends for a don’t-care effect.

6. Short-Haired Braid: Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t braid it into tiny pigtails that would make Ramona Quimby jealous. To give your ‘do a messier effect, pull at the braids just a bit.

7. Fishtail French: Recreate this hairdo for a pre-brunch gym sesh or an epic GNO. Apply a hair serum beforehand to keep your strands sleek and shiny, and section off your French braids for a seamless transition to a crowd-pleasing fishtail.

8. Glittered Roots: Let your bob shine bright like a diamond by sprinkling glitter on your roots. Complete the look with two baby French braids right on top of your head for a fun effect. Bonus points if you’re rocking mermaid hues like this Insta-stunner.

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9. Donut Buns: Tired of the traditional set of pigtails? Take your stands to a whole new level with this voluminous double-bun hairstyle. Matching backdrop not included.

10. Bubble Hair: Why braid your hair when you can create this epic style with just a handful of hair ties? Separate your tresses into small sections to achieve the bubble-like effect — the bigger the better when it comes to this ‘do.

11. Bedhead Pigtail: Embrace your inner lazy girl with this messy-chic pigtail look. Whether you part your bangs to the side or straight down the middle, this style is a must for a laid-back Sunday vibe.

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