North West turned four years old yesterday, and in addition to giving the little one lots of attention via social media (natch), her famous family also showered her with love IRL. We expected an incredibly lavish celebration that would live up to (or possibly top) her third birthday, which was a Disneyland princess dream. But it turns out that she had a kinda normal party that included Chuck E. Cheese’s and a slumber party.

North West fashion show front row with Kim and Kanye

There were no gourmet desserts or lavish spreads, no meticulously decorated rooms (other than the adorable arch of balloons), and no personalized playlists. This time around, it was all about the premade cake, a sparkly crown, a party room… and one happy little girl.

Khloé Kardashian shared the fun via Snapchat, showing North ready to blow out the candles on her sprinkle-covered cake and make a wish. Though we have to wonder what she could possibly wish for while living such a charmed life.

And though some might wonder why the famous fam would choose Chuck E. Cheese’s for North’s birthday bash, it very well could have been the now-four-year-old’s request (what kid doesn’t love Chuck E. Cheese’s?!) and, frankly, it goes in line with the family’s new vibe of valuing the time they spend together over the cost of the things around them.

But wait! The party didn’t end there!

Kourtney Kardashian also shared a look at the celebration, which continued at home with the birthday girl in full slumber-party mode, brushing her teeth in an oversized, faded Jem shirt. A pair of large, pink glasses put the look right over the top (let’s just add those to the list of North’s wardrobe items that we want for ourselves). And since we’re pretty sure that’s North’s cousin/bestie Penelope sitting on the countertop, we can only guess that the two little ones ended the night with a super sweet giggle fest.

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(h/t People; photos via Craig Barritt/Getty)