The first day of school has officially arrived, guys. Students everywhere are heading back to class with their brand new notebooks + school supplies and are gearing up to learn. Thanks to the folks at High Five HQ, we learned about a super cool notebook hack DIY that is a total game changer. Here’s how you can DIY your own index right into the back of your notebook.



– colored ink pen(s)

lined notebook


1. In a fresh new notebook, write your notes/a recipe/whatever you like onto the first page.

2. On the edge of the page, on the topmost line, draw and color in a little rectangle with an inky pen. Use whatever color you’d like.

3. Flip to the back page, and in the corresponding line, write the index topic that first page’s content falls under. Use the same colored ink as the little rectangle from page one.

4. Continue taking your notes/adding recipes/whatever into your notebook, marking the page and adding to the index in the back as you please.

5. Optional step: Change the colors of your pens for different subjects/categories.


This simple hack only requires one pen and a notebook, but feel free to use multiple colors for a more vibrant look.


Decide what you want to fill your notebook with! It could be notes for different school subjects, a recipe book or even a dream journal. The sky is the limit.


When you’re done with your entry, color in a small rectangle on the side of the page in the top line. Make sure you get the very edge of the page—that way the mark will show through even when the book is shut.


Flip to the back page where your index will be and write the topic in the corresponding line.


Over time, continue adding entries to your notebook and index as you please.


And voilà! You’ve got a totally DIYed index built into the back of your notebook, making every entry so much easier to find.


Take this nifty trick to class with you, and don’t be surprised when all your classmates are trying copy your style.

notebook hack final 3

Grown ups, feel free to use this hack for work too. This trick is pretty handy for absolutely anyone.


And that’s genius notebook hack 101. Go forth, note-taking masters, and prosper.

What do you think of this nifty notebook trick? Will it be changing the way you take notes? Tell us in the comments below!

DIY Production + Styling: Kimberly Wang

Photography: Kimberly Wang + Michael Leung