Asking someone to ignore chocolate and other candy for the entire month of October is arguably cruel — even if that someone is a grown woman. Take something away from us, and we just want it more. It’s a fact of life! Even those of us who are now allegedly “too old” to take our DIY treat bags out for a spin on Halloween deserve to indulge in the sweets that are so key to this season, right? It would be a shame to throw the health and fitness baby out with the Halloween bathwater, though, so while we totally fight for your right to indulge, we also want to help you do it in a way that’s not going to make you feel like you’ve fallen totally off the wellness wagon come November.

We’ve rounded up Halloween treat recommendations from five nutritionists, because when in doubt, it’s always best to turn to the experts. Keep scrolling for all the delicious details of how these pros treat themselves (responsibly, mostly) for this season. These yummy suggestions are totally worthy of being worked into your October celebrations.

A plastic pumpkin pail spills candy across a wooden table

1. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Abbie Gellman: A self-proclaimed “chocolate and peanut butter kind of girl” (aren’t we all, though?), Gellman won’t settle for any old peanut butter cup. If she’s going to spring for a seasonal indulgence, she prefers to “find the best version [of a peanut butter cup] with a short list of organic ingredients — which means dark chocolate — that’s preferably handmade.” The New York-based Gellman — a chef, culinary nutrition expert, recipe developer, and owner of Culinary Nutrition Cuisine — typically turns to local candy shops or a Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup snack pack when she’s craving her fave treat.

2.KIND minis, Lindsey Pine: The founder of Tasty Balance Nutrition joins the rest of us on the never-ending search for snacks that are the perfect blend of healthy and seemingly “sinful” (her word — and we love it!). Pine’s pick for this Halloween? The new KIND minis in flavors like Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt. “Both flavors give me a sensation of decadence, while still being on the better-for-you side with healthy fats and protein.”

3.All Candy, Sarah Haas: Culinary dietitian, author, recipe developer, and media expert Haas calls Halloween her favorite holiday. “I definitely believe in the ‘treat’ part of ‘trick-or-treating,'” she shares. “So, when it comes to treating myself on the big day, I do!” Instead of restricting herself, the nutrition pro commits to enjoying every last morsel of the candy she decides to eat. “It’s only one day each year, and I believe it’s more fun to celebrate than deny. I keep the amount small and try to put in a little extra exercise during my evening out trick-or-treating.” We like the way you think!

4.Low-Cal Cocktails, Casey Luber: The NYC-based dietitian and founder of Club Nutritious opts to indulge in a more adult element of Halloween — booze! — with an eye toward lower sugar and calories. She sticks to one or two drinks for herself over the course of a costume party, and as a host, she offers mixers like flavored seltzer water or fizzy kombucha, which has a secondary benefit that has absolutely nothing to do with nutrition. As Luber points out, “What’s creepier than a drink made from live bacteria and yeast?”

5.Mini-Chocolates, Julie Harrington: For the culinary nutrition consultant of RDelicious Kitchen, miniatures are the key to a successful Halloween. Harrington’s favorite mini candies are Twix and Peanut Butter M&M’s. “The key is to savor each bite,” she tells us.

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